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    Picture of Corn Bonduelle 425gr

    Corn Bonduelle 425gr

    Sweet corn, pasteurized.
    ден 55,00
    Picture of Corn Bonduelle 850gr

    Corn Bonduelle 850gr

    Sweet corn, pasteurized.
    ден 89,00
    Picture of Peas Bonduelle 425gr

    Peas Bonduelle 425gr

    Canned peas.
    ден 59,00
    Picture of Peas Bonduelle 850gr Classic Sterilized I class

    Peas Bonduelle 850gr Classic Sterilized I class

    Carefully processed to maintain the main properties and taste. Whether it is stew, garnish, soup or salad, peas are always a good choice.
    ден 94,00
    Picture of Red beans Bonduelle 425ml

    Red beans Bonduelle 425ml

    Produced without preservatives, red beans are found in specialties of Mexican cuisine or in combination with pumpkin oil. It is ideal for preparing imaginative salads, stews have an exceptional taste, but also nutritious.
    ден 89,00
    Picture of Corn Bonduelle 212gr

    Corn Bonduelle 212gr

    Sweet corn, pasteurized.
    ден 40,00 ден 33,00