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    Picture of Fields with wild daffodils Vinka Sazdova

    Fields with wild daffodils Vinka Sazdova

    Fields with wild daffodils is an unusual story of infidelity. They especially admire the already proven mastery in the editing of the narration and the subtle inversion in which the characters are revealed to us. Old age through youth, the past through the future. Both are crucified in the eternal now.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Power of subconscious mind Joseph Murphy

    Power of subconscious mind Joseph Murphy

    The power of the subconscious mind, one of the most beloved and best-selling inspirational guides of all time, shows you how changing your mindset can drastically improve your life. Using practical, understandable techniques, and concrete examples, Dr. Joseph Murphy reveals the tremendous impact of the subconscious on all areas of life: money, relationships, work, happiness - and how to apply and direct its power to achieve your goals and dreams. This amazing book has already helped readers around the world achieve the seemingly impossible by just learning how to control the incredible power of the subconscious. Now you too can learn these powerful techniques to change your life by changing your beliefs first.
    ден 380,00
    Picture of Rich dad, poor dad Robert Kiyosaki

    Rich dad, poor dad Robert Kiyosaki

    A book that shook the financial world! What is the difference between the views and attitudes of the rich compared to ordinary people? What is the difference between their actions that give drastically different results? Robert Kiyosaki, a millionaire investor, author and lecturer, had the unique opportunity to discover the answers to these questions from his childhood, from two very different perspectives - the rich and the poor father. One, Robert's father, is a full-time professor with the thoughts of an ordinary wage laborer. The other, the father of his friend, a successful businessman, who became his mentor, opened his eyes to the huge mistakes his poor father made about money. A rich father, a poor father is a personal financial perspective for a complete rethinking of how money works. It teaches us how to work on our own financial intelligence, how to accelerate financial progress and how to risk becoming an ally. A rich father, a poor father is the starting point for anyone who wants to have control over their financial future.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of The best is yet to come Ivana Gorican

    The best is yet to come Ivana Gorican

    It's no secret that good time management is behind the success - it is also a solution to the stress of this fast-paced everyday life. But this is a slightly different diary. It will be a faithful notebook and reminder of your daily activities and thoughts. But it will also be an inexhaustible source of motivation and inspiration with your thoughts and messages for coloring, already a well-known meditative technique for relaxation and calm. The perfect blend of practicality and inspiration, a weekly dose of optimism, and colors that will give your personal touch. All you have to do is plan, write, color and think - and the best will undoubtedly come!
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Conversations with God Neale Donald Walsch

    Conversations with God Neale Donald Walsch

    At a difficult time in his life, Walsh wrote an angry letter to God, asking him why his life had failed in all fields. And then he heard a voice: "Do you really want an answer to all these questions?" Walsh felt that the answers were flashing in his mind and decided to write them down. The dialogue that followed is the book you are holding in your hands. It provides answers to the questions we all ask ourselves: about life and love, interpersonal relationships, good and evil, guilt and sin, forgiveness and salvation, heaven and hell ... She speaks openly about power, money, sex, children, marriage , divorce, health, life work, future, past, present ... Explores war and peace, taking and giving, the visible and the invisible, truth and falsehood, the concrete and the abstract ... Sometimes a book appears whose deep wisdom will change you. Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsh is just such a book. It will help you to remember who you really are, why you are here, and the lofty purpose of life. It will provide you with a deep spiritual awakening and will mark the beginning of a special journey for spiritual development and expansion of consciousness.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of The monk who sold his ferrari Robin Sharma

    The monk who sold his ferrari Robin Sharma

    The monk who sold his Ferrari is the story of Julien Mentlow, a top lawyer whose unbalanced lifestyle will lead to an almost fatal heart attack in a crowded courtroom. Physical ruin is followed by a spiritual crisis, which will make him think about his life and seek answers to the most important questions in life. Hoping to find happiness and fulfillment, he embarks on an unusual journey. Getting to know an old culture reveals a powerful way to unleash the potential of your mind, body and soul and to live with more passion, meaning and peace. A brilliant blend of Eastern spiritual wisdom and stern Western principles of success, this inspiring step-by-step story shows us the way to a bolder and more balanced life, a life filled with abundance and joy.
    ден 299,00
    Picture of The Alchemist Paulo Coelho

    The Alchemist Paulo Coelho

    The alchemist is the story of a long and arduous search for his own happiness. The young Andalusian shepherd Sanitiago goes in search of the treasure buried in the Egyptian pyramids. Guided by an alchemist through the desert, he will learn to listen to his heart, read the signs of destiny and, most importantly, follow his dream to the end. Dedicated to the child that each person carries within them, The Alchemist is a wonderful philosophical story that teaches us that life is a great book in which anyone can decipher the signs if they "read" their heart.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of The Power of Habit Charles Duhigg

    The Power of Habit Charles Duhigg

    It is never too late to change for the better. We can achieve this by changing the bad ones and by strengthening the useful habits. Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist Charles Duhig leads us on that path of transformation by offering us a new understanding of human nature and its potential for development. The power of habits abounds in explaining very important questions: - what are the habits and how does the brain work - what are the habits of successful people and companies - what is the Golden Rule for changing habits ... If you believe you can change - then change becomes real. Herein lies the power of habits: the realization that our habits are what we choose to be our habit. And once it is automated, it relentlessly leads us to success.
    ден 450,00
    Picture of The Spy Paulo Coelho

    The Spy Paulo Coelho

    In his new novel, Paulo Coelho brings to life one of the most mysterious women in history: Mata Hari. When she arrived in Paris, Mata Hari did not have a single penny. However, she was soon praised as the most elegant lady in town. A dancer who shocked and amazed the audience; mistress and courtesan who enchanted the richest and most powerful men of the time. But as paranoia grew in the war-torn country, Mata Hari's lifestyle began to be questioned. And so, in 1917, she was arrested in her hotel room on the Champs Elysees and charged with espionage. Told through Mata Hari's last letter, Spy reveals the unforgettable story of a woman who dared to break the rules of conduct of her time and who paid the highest price for it.
    ден 320,00
    Picture of The Last tee Vinka Sazdova

    The Last tee Vinka Sazdova

    This is a novel in which sometimes a single sentence is a big story that stays on for a long time. As long as it takes to merge with the personal story of the reader. Compassionate. Loving. Gentle and firm. Soft that speaks of gross pain and truths, showing how they heal and turn into serenity.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Coloring book for a creative day Ivana Gorichan

    Coloring book for a creative day Ivana Gorichan

    Coloring books are no longer for small children! Although therapists have long emphasized the positive effects of coloring, they are now a new way to bring some peace to an overly noisy routine. All you have to do is prepare the crayons, take a comfortable position and indulge in the abundance of patterns that open in front of you. In this coloring book you will find inspirational drawings that will stimulate your creativity, calm and direct your mind in the way that meditation does. And after just a few minutes of painting, you will already feel the pleasant effect of painting and, most likely, you will completely forget about time and the things that unnecessarily occupy you.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of The Saint, the Surfer, and the director Robin Sharma

    The Saint, the Surfer, and the director Robin Sharma

    In the pages of this remarkable book you will discover practical yet powerful methods for recreating your life and reconnecting with your best self. Written as an interesting and honest story, THE SAINT, THE SURFERER AND THE DIRECTOR give you a powerful blend of deep wisdom and practical life lessons to help you discover your destiny, live the highest truth as a human being, and find the happiness that exists you are looking for. In this revolutionary guide to living your life at the most authentic level, you will learn: - how to awaken the real gifts and shine brightly in the world - how to turn fears into freedom and wounds into wisdom - lessons that will help you perfect your mind, open your heart, and nurture your spirit - simple methods for wonderful relationships filled with true love - ways to re-introduce adventure, mystery and fun in life - techniques to become a star in your career and attract wealth If you are ready to live your BEST LIFE now, read this wonderful book.
    ден 380,00
    Picture of Luna Vinka Sazdova

    Luna Vinka Sazdova

    Two women, Rosa and Theodora, try to penetrate their own past through the memories of the other. They share a love for Kalin, who before his death leaves a folder full of romantic ascents for Luna. Who is Luna? This is the riddle that will force the two women into an alliance. Searching for Luna, they gradually get closer to each other and get rid of the ghosts of the past. Luna by the author of The Last Tea, Fields of Wild Daffodils and Sometimes Happiness Comes.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Our last coffee Kosta Petrov

    Our last coffee Kosta Petrov

    This is a book for all fighters. A book for people who do not give up. A book for people who see the light even in the darkest moments of life. From the author of Seeing Yourself at the Top and the Fear, another book comes to us that will confront us with ourselves, with our own fears, excuses, self-imposed boundaries and giving up, but it will also show us how to unleash our potentials and reach our personal maximum. . Found by the loss of a very close person and faced with the fragility of life, Petrov decides to write a book-address, as a reminder that life is lived, not happened. This book is a strong awareness to wake up and not take life for granted, but to make it an experience worth living, a story worth sharing, a life of our own. Sharing his life experiences, initiation challenges, thoughts and reflections, the author tells us how to face the paralyzing fear and the challenges that life serves us, how to deal with people who hurt us ... How not to give up our dreams, to find peace and make a better version of ourselves. The rule is simple. Nothing in our lives will change if we do not change ourselves.
    ден 199,00
    Picture of Headhunter Jo Nesbе

    Headhunter Jo Nesbе

    Roger Brown is an inventor of professionals and is the best in his profession. But such a career is not enough to finance his luxurious lifestyle and his wife's new gallery. One evening, at the opening of an exhibition, he meets Klaas Greve, who is not only the perfect candidate for the position of CEO of a company, but is also the solution to all his financial worries: Greve, seemingly by chance, mentions that he owns a painting by Rubens of inestimable value that has been missing since World War II - and Roger Brown has been implicated in art theft. But after breaking into Greve's apartment, he discovers many other things besides the picture. Klaus Greve becomes the most horrible experience of his life.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Fear Kosta Petrov

    Fear Kosta Petrov

    In his first book, "See you at the top", Kosta Petrov reveals his secrets of success, where fear as a topic is only started as one of the obstacles on that path. Therefore, it was quite natural for this monstrous and unfounded emotion, which is an obstacle in everyday self-realization, to get its own reading. "Fear" is more than a book, it is a wake-up call and a call to battle with our greatest enemy, our ego and its most powerful tool - Fear. Through the selfless sharing of personal experiences, thoughts and feelings, Kosta Petrov bravely leads us through our psychological battle, the battle that each of us must win in order to be able to live everything that the Universe has prepared for him. With his clear, vivid and energetic language, fueled by activism, he encourages the reader to determination and courageous action.
    ден 299,00
    Picture of Sometimes happiness comes Vinka Sazdova

    Sometimes happiness comes Vinka Sazdova

    A novel that will awaken your feelings, will imagine you, will excite you, will make you sad, will soften you ... "Sometimes Happiness Comes" is a story about a young Gora who falls in love with a mature man, David. Gora is entangled in an unusual sisterly relationship with Vedra, and David, after his divorce from his wife, becomes obsessively attached to his son. The title of the book foretells a happy ending, but it has to be reached through many obstacles, painful and intimate confrontations and re-examinations, and through the maturation of the characters.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of The secret letters of the monk who sold his ferrari Robin Shirma

    The secret letters of the monk who sold his ferrari Robin Shirma

    Jonathan Landry is going through a difficult time in his life. After an unusual encounter with his lost relative Julian Mendel - a former influential lawyer who suddenly disappeared in the Himalayas - he is forced to travel the world to collect the secret letters that hide the extraordinary secrets discovered by Julian. The unforgettable journey that takes you to the sensual tango halls of Buenos Aires, the eerie catacombs of Paris, the glittering towers of Shanghai and the mystical deserts of Sedona, The secret letters of the monk who sold his Ferrari reveals surprising insights that will help you power, to be faithful to your true self and to live your dreams fearlessly. There are no surplus people in the world today. Each of us is here for a reason, with a special purpose - a mission. Yes, be happy and have a lot of fun. And yes, become successful, but according to your own criteria, and not according to what society imposes on you. But - above all - be important. Make your life important. Be helpful. Be at the service of as many people as possible. And be side by side with the best who have ever lived.
    ден 380,00
    Picture of See you at the top Kosta Petrov

    See you at the top Kosta Petrov

    Over 10.000 people have attended Pi World's elite events over the past three years. As a global leader in its field, the company collaborates daily with the world's largest brands and changes the business reality in over 50 countries around the world. And he does all this right here, from Macedonia. In "See you at the top", Kosta Petrov, the twenty-nine-year-old founder of the company, takes you on a journey through his life story full of incredible moments, ups and downs, pleasant and unpleasant experiences that are an inevitable part of "the path that you go less often. " And for the one who will choose that path and who will persevere on it, in the end the deserved reward awaits him. On his exciting journey, Kosta Petrov faces the great opportunities of America, the bitter scenarios of Prague, the luxury business center Dubai, but also the reality of creating a global brand from Macedonia. See you at the top is a book for all those who believe that in life everyone is created for great things. Enter a world where anything is possible.
    ден 199,00
    Picture of The prophet Karil Gibran

    The prophet Karil Gibran

    Twelve years later, the day comes when the Prophet must leave the island of Orphales. Before he leaves, the people gather around him, led by the priestess Almitra, begging him to convey his wisdom about love, marriage and children, time, joy and sorrow, laws and punishments, giving, friendship... The Prophet became a bestseller with its first edition in 1923. The work has since been translated into more than 40 languages, and his inspirational lyrical prose is considered a classic. The mystical illustrations by the gifted hand of the writer himself are a perfect visual complement to this powerful work, a whole that is a real treat for the soul and the senses. The prophet is an inexhaustible source of wisdom and instruction for all spheres of human life, which inspires spirituality in worldly matters.
    ден 150,00
    Picture of Hippies Paulo Coelho

    Hippies Paulo Coelho

    Drawing on his rich life experience, in this novel Paulo Coelho writes about the dream of transformation and pacifism of the hippie generation from the early seventies of the last century. Paulo is a young man with long hair who wants to become a writer. Fleeing the military dictatorship in Brazil, he sets out on a journey around the world in search of freedom and spirituality. In Amsterdam, he meets Carla, a young Dutch woman who is waiting for him to leave for Nepal, the latest hit destination of the hippie tribe, riding the famous Magic Bus. This trip through Europe will be both the beginning of an exceptional love story and the search for the inner truths that will take them both, and their companions, to the acceptance of a completely new worldview.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Domestication of the bitch Venko Andonovski

    Domestication of the bitch Venko Andonovski

    Domestication the bitch is another masterpiece that confirms the prose mastery of Venko Andonovski, one of the best contemporary Macedonian storytellers. Venko Andonovski, in the series of short stories "Frescoes" and "Icons", shows us the famous, noble forms of madness: the madness of love and the madness of genius. They are forms of the classical madness of lack, which show that lack, usually thought of as "emptiness in the soul," is in fact man's richest feeling: lack is the maximum fulfillment of being with longing. Hamlet longed for truth and revenge, Don Quixote for a new heroic world ... But in the "Cartoons and Grotesques" cycle, the characters go crazy the moment they lose the lack, which means they also lose the longing, which they replace with the need for longing. It is the madness of the empty full, instead of the classic madness, that of the full (with longing) empty.
    ден 340,00
    Picture of Sapiens Yuval Noah Harari

    Sapiens Yuval Noah Harari

    Sapiens is an international bestseller published in over 30 languages ​​worldwide. Brave, comprehensive and provocative, this book challenges everything we ever thought we knew about what it means to be human: our thoughts, actions, power ... and - our future. In Sapiens, Dr. Yuval Noah Harari covers all of human history, from the first humans on Earth to the radical - and sometimes catastrophic - discoveries of cognitive, agricultural, and scientific revolutions. Based on insights from biology, anthropology, paleontology, and economics, he explores how the currents of history shape our human societies, the animals and plants around us, and even our personalities.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of Awakening of consciousness Katerina Angelovska and Radovan Vitosevic

    Awakening of consciousness Katerina Angelovska and Radovan Vitosevic

    Awakening of consciousness is a journey in search of truth, not any truth, but your personal truth. Personal spiritual transformation gives us the opportunity to recognize and realize our paradigms, beliefs and values. This book is an adventure intertwined with universal knowledge, which will allow you to truly know yourself, wake up and consciously create. We all have a mission, and if we all carry it out with love and joy, then the world will be a wonderful place to live and work, in which each individual inspired by his own excellence will contribute to the general compassion, peace and love. That is why it is so important to trust our intuition and follow our heart. And then we will see the desired change in the world. We believe that this is the way consciousness is evolving. Individual consciousness is part of collective consciousness. When a small but significant part of individuals move to a new level of consciousness and change the way they behave, that change also occurs on a collective level. Because the world is our mirror, it changes along with our own change.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Club 5 in the morning Robin Sharma

    Club 5 in the morning Robin Sharma

    World-renowned guru Robin Sharma introduces you to the Club 5 Morning concept - a proven system that has helped thousands of clients maximize their productivity, improve their health and enjoy a peaceful life in this dynamic and stressful time. Through an admirable - and often entertaining - story in which the main actors struggle to overcome their personal problems and meet an eccentric tycoon who becomes their secret mentor, Club 5 will introduce you to: - The way big and wise people start their mornings to achieve amazing results. - The little-known formula for inspiration and focus for getting the best out of the day. - Proven practice that helps you wake up easily while most people are still asleep, taking precious time to think and express their creativity. - Revolutionary tactics to defend your gifts, talents and dreams from digital madness and trivial stimuli so you can enjoy success, work and magical influence on the world.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of Body language Alan and Barbara Pease

    Body language Alan and Barbara Pease

    "Body language" by internationally recognized interpersonal experts Alan and Barbara Pease reveals that what people say often differs from what they think or feel. From this professional and entertaining book you can learn the secrets of body language and read the thoughts of others through their gestures. Learn how to be comfortable, how to gain more confidence and how to control each situation. Discover techniques that will show you how to interpret gestures and how to read unspoken thoughts and emotions - and draw the right conclusions.
    ден 320,00
    Picture of Happy people reading and drinking coffee Agnes Martin-Ligan

    Happy people reading and drinking coffee Agnes Martin-Ligan

    Wife, mother and owner of a coffee shop Happy people reading and drinking coffee in Paris, it seems that Diane has a perfect life. But she suddenly loses her beloved husband and daughter and suddenly everything stops. Everything but her heart, which still beats persistently and painfully. Lost in memories, she no longer knows how to live ... A year later he will shock family and friends by deciding to move to a village on the Irish coast. Finally determined to rebuild her life - alone. There he will meet Edward, the mysterious photographer from the neighborhood. Will he allow himself to love again? Will he overcome the fear that with the new love he will betray the loved ones who are no longer there? "A touching story with many dialogues that speaks with light style and a lot of warmth and understanding that we can survive even the most difficult moments of life." Le Parisien
    ден 320,00
    Picture of Leader without title Robin Sharma

    Leader without title Robin Sharma

    For more than fifteen years, the most successful companies and the richest people in the world have been applying the formula of Robin Sharma - one of the most sought after gurus of today. This formula now is made available to you through inspired messages about the secrets of success and personal srekja. Knigata Leader without title will teach you: -To be exceptional in their work, regardless of the function they have -To take advantage of every chance hard times -Build a great team and become the number 1 salesperson -To master the tactics of mental stability and physical strength -To deal with stress, think positively, release energy and achieve a harmonious life Regardless of the position you hold in the company and the current circumstances in your private life, do not forget that you have the power to become a leader. This book will teach you how to gain this power and change not only your life but also the world around you. Give your best! "From the monk who sold the Ferrari to a leader without a title, Robin Sharma is leading us on the right path. Get involved and enjoy the ride. "Kevin Roberts, Sachi & Sachi " Robin Sharma has a rare gift for writing books that really change people's lives. "Richard Carlson " A title without a title is a book that will change your life. " Read it and get ready for an amazing change. ”The New York Times
    ден 380,00
    Picture of Rule 10x Grant Cardon

    Rule 10x Grant Cardon

    Rule 10x is the holy grail for people who want to succeed. It identifies the most appropriate levels of action and ensures that you continue to function at those levels throughout your life and professional career. It will free you from fears, increase your courage and self-confidence, eliminate procrastination and insecurity, and give you a sense of purpose - and thus your life, your dreams, and your goals will be reborn. "Grant Cardon scores a complete goal with Rule 10x. In it she reveals the real reason why people do great in every area of ​​life! ”Brian Tracy
    ден 450,00
    Picture of Habits for success Napoleon Hill

    Habits for success Napoleon Hill

    Napoleon Hill, the legendary author of the classic bestseller Think and Get Rich , in this book returns to the proven principles of gaining more wealth, health and happiness. It offers a set of principles and beliefs that provide the basis for life-changing success. In this never-before-published work, Hill, the father of motivational literature, continues to share his wisdom that changed the lives of millions of readers. Explaining the basic rules for overcoming adverse circumstances and avoiding the line of least resistance, offers us a new path to a fulfilled and happy life.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of The way of Wolstrit wolf Jordan Belfort

    The way of Wolstrit wolf Jordan Belfort

    The controversial Jordan Belfort exclusively opens his world to us and offers us an insight into his own Straight Line System - with the help of which he managed to create a huge fortune for himself and his clients. People who have never been successful suddenly achieve things they never dreamed possible, and live a much more privileged life than they ever imagined. And it all starts with perfecting the art of persuasion, with the help of the Straight Line System.
    ден 450,00
    Picture of 12 rules of life Jordan Peterson

    12 rules of life Jordan Peterson

    Driven by the greats of Western thought, from various fields of science, from the religious writings and the greatest literary works of mankind, and above all from his many years of practice, the respected and world-renowned clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, whom the New York Times called the of our time ”summarizes the valuable ethical, psychological and philosophical wisdom by translating it into twelve simple principles of life worth living. A profound book that will lead you on the path to your most essential self and awaken the full potential of your Being!
    ден 500,00
    Picture of Your second life begins when you realize you only have one Rafaela Jordano

    Your second life begins when you realize you only have one Rafaela Jordano

    What to do when you suddenly find yourself stuck in the trap of a daily routine, when you realize that life no longer brings you joy? You seem to have everything you need, but something is missing, something essential that makes life beautiful, interesting, unique ... At such a turning point, Camus, the heroine of this magical novel, meets an unusual man with an even more unusual occupation: a routine. From him she will rediscover the wisdom of real choices, of forgetting and forgiveness. Because “life is like a hot air balloon. "In order to climb higher, you need to be able to get rid of the load and throw everything that prevents you from climbing over the fence." Gradually, he will encourage the discouraged Camus to dare to set big dreams. And to go towards their realization. Because it is not the scariest thing to fail. The scariest thing is not to even try! With the theory of small steps, he will lead her on the path of self-purification and self-discovery, to penetrate again into the love and miracle of existence. "Rafaela Jordano teaches us how to get out of stagnation and fall in love with life again!" Madame Figaro
    ден 320,00
    Picture of How to talk to anyone Leil Lowndes

    How to talk to anyone Leil Lowndes

    92 little tricks for big success in relationships The little moves that this book teaches you, and which you can effortlessly make part of your daily routine, create your destiny. Because when you repeat an action, it becomes a habit. The habits you have create your character. And your character is your destiny. Let success be your destiny!
    ден 450,00
    Picture of Pirej Petre M. Andreevski

    Pirej Petre M. Andreevski

    The novel Pirej is a cult book in Macedonian literature. Ever since its first publication in 1980, critics have called it a landmark novel in Macedonian fiction. And it soon became one of the most read books, almost accepted as a kind of Macedonian bible in which, each in his own way, recognizes the collective Golgotha ​​from our historical memory. With its simple narrative reception and wide range of rich linguistic radiation, with its multifaceted content of human destinies and events, Piraeus became almost immediately and equally close to everyone. The unquenchable interest of the readership for this novel is a demonstration of its unlimited duration.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of 1984 George Orwell

    1984 George Orwell

    The novel "1984" is one of the most influential books of the twentieth century and is a rare work whose significance is gaining more and more power today, when its prediction begins to come true. Published in 1949, the most famous novel by political satirist George Orwell reveals the nightmarish vision of a totalitarian, bureaucratic world and the attempt of an ordinary person to preserve his individuality. The mastery of 1984 lies in the author's foreshadowing of modern life - the ubiquity of television, the distortion of language - and its ability to create such a comprehensive version of hell. The cult novel remains a must-read even 70 years after its publication and is still considered one of the most terrifying books ever written.
    ден 450,00
    Picture of Homo deus Yuval Noah Harari

    Homo deus Yuval Noah Harari

    Yuval Noah Harari, author of the world phenomenon Sapiens: A Brief History of the Human Race, continues to explore the issue of the entire human experience with another incredibly original book - Homo deus: A Brief History of the Future. With his unique style that has delighted millions of readers around the world, Harari points out that humans have managed to do what seems impossible: to overcome hunger, disease and war, to turn them from unreasonable and uncontrollable forces of nature into challenges that can are managed. For the first time in human history today more people are dying from too much food than from starvation; more people die of old age than of infectious diseases; more people commit suicide than die from war, terrorism or crime combined.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of Vilino Vinka Sazdova

    Vilino Vinka Sazdova

    How is it that those who have loved each other faithfully like the tree and the shadow, like the tree and the fire, become strangers in the same bed and living room? A fierce novel about the call for freedom and the fear of it, and about voluntary slavery in "safe" marital waters. Vidan - Fiery - Tony: a family triangle of two estranged spouses and their son. A shocking story about how the loved ones enter the magical circle of hurting the other. A book full of Eastern wisdom and mystical philosophy. A novel rich in psychologically and to some extent sculpted male and female characters, which confirms the mastery of the author shown in previous novels. Refined symbolism of details, precognitions, dreams, seismic tremors of the soul. And novel therapy: Willie's cheerful female character from the idyllic Villino, opposite the city as a den of passions.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of 21 Lessons for the 21st Century Yuval Noah Harari

    21 Lessons for the 21st Century Yuval Noah Harari

    What exactly is happening now? What are the greatest challenges and choices facing humanity? Why is democracy in crisis? What can we do about the fake news epidemic? Which civilization dominates the world? What should we teach our children? Twenty-one chapters, each deeply and provocatively, present the complex contemporary challenges in a clear and accessible way, challenging the reader to consider the values, significance and personal engagement in this world full of uncertainty. Some parts of the book are dedicated to technology and its development, some to religion, some to art, to human wisdom. Each chapter is devoted to one chapter: illusions and work, freedom and equality, community, civilization, nationalism, religion, immigration, terrorism, war, secularism, ignorance, justice, education, meditation.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of Be obsessed or be average Grant Cardone

    Be obsessed or be average Grant Cardone

    After the huge success of Rule 10X, the proven business expert Grant Cardon advises us again with proven techniques from his own experience! Be average or obsessed is a brutally honest book. It will pull you out of your comfort zone and break the armor of mediocrity that society has wrapped tightly around you. It will help you to release the power of obsession, and then it will teach you how to take care of it and direct it towards the realization of your biggest dreams. No matter what you do, this book will help you strengthen and grow your brand and business to astonishing heights, despite all the obstacles and all the competition. Because obsession is the critical part of success - it is more important than strategy, product pricing, choice and timing; it offers you real freedom and complete control over your life - personally, financially and emotionally.
    ден 450,00
    Picture of Моќта на самодовербата Брајан Трејси

    Моќта на самодовербата Брајан Трејси

    Моќта на самодовербата е неверојатна книга што ви дава бесценети совети и конкретни насоки за себеразвивање преку зацврстување на самодовербата. На тој начин, таа ви ја отвора вратата кон еден поисполнет и порадосен живот. Брајан Трејси, најпознатиот светски гуру за мотивација и продажба, несебично споделува со нас повеќе практично докажани техники за развивање на самодовербата, која е клучна за постигнување на успех и среќа. Самодовербата е способност да се осмелите да ги преземете потребните ризици без гаранција дека ќе успеете. Добрата работа е што и таа, како и секоја друга особина или вештина, може да се развива преку редовни вежби за развој во секоја област од животот.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Намести си го креветот Вилијам Х. Мекрејвен

    Намести си го креветот Вилијам Х. Мекрејвен

    Ако сакате да си го промените животот кон подобро, почнете со тоа што наутро ќе си го наместите креветот! Вака адмирал Вилијам Х. Мекрејвен ги советува студентите од Универзитетот во Тексас на првиот ден од студиите. Црпејќи инспирација од универзитетскиот слоган „Она што започнува овде ќе го смени светот“, тој ги споделува со нив своите десет начела научени за време на обуката во Американската воена морнарица, кои му помогнале да ги надмине предизвиците не само во долгата кариера како маринец туку и во животот. Во оваа своја мала но вдахновена книга тој објаснува како секој може да ги искористи овие основни и едноставни лекции за да се промени себеси – а можеби и светот. Пренесувајќи ни ги своите суштинските начела, Мекрејвен раскажува потресни и инспиритивни приказни од својот живот и од животите на луѓето што ги запознал за време на воената обука и служба, кои понекогаш морале одлучно, сочувствено, чесно и смело да донесат тешки одлуки.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Beautiful disaster Jamie McGuire

    Beautiful disaster Jamie McGuire

    Abby Abernati is a good and decent girl. Enrolling in college in another city, together with his best friend, he believes that he has left the ghosts of the dark past behind. But she soon realizes that the new beginning is not as simple as she expected. The handsome Travis Maddox is exactly the type of guy she wants to avoid at all costs. Because it reminds her too much of her father and the dark and dangerous past. He earns money at night by fighting, and seduces seduce girls. Shocked by her refusal, Travis persuades her to bet - if he loses, he will have to give up his seduction for a month, and if she loses, he will have to live in his apartment for the same amount of time. But Travis is not even aware that he has found a soul mate.
    ден 450,00
    Picture of Educated Tara Westover

    Educated Tara Westover

    Unforgettable memoirs about a girl who, after daring to leave the family, completes her doctoral studies at Cambridge. Born into a closed, strictly Mormon family in the Idaho mountains, Tara Westover first set foot in a classroom at the age of seventeen. Her family was so isolated from society that there was no way for the authorities to get their children educated or to intervene when one of the brothers became violent. After Tara's other brother enrolled in college, she too decided to start a new life. She gradually transformed her quest for knowledge, encouraging her to travel the world, to enroll at Harvard and Cambridge. Only then did she wonder if she had traveled too far, if there was a way to return home.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of Factology Hans Rosling

    Factology Hans Rosling

    Awareness of the facts is a habit that reduces stress and builds attitudes based on solid arguments Why is the world growing? How many young women go to school? How many live in poverty? To these and many other simple questions about global trends, people systematically give the wrong answers. So wrong that chimpanzees, who would randomly choose the answers, would have better results than journalists, Nobel laureates and banking investors. Hans Rosling, a professor of international health and a man who can make data sing, offers a new, radical explanation for why this happens and reveals ten instincts that distort our worldview. According to Rosling and his colleagues, despite all the imperfections, the world is in a much better position than we think. But when we constantly and excessively worry about everything instead of adopting a worldview based on facts, we lose the ability to focus on the things that pose the greatest threat to us.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of One of us is lying Karen M. McManus

    One of us is lying Karen M. McManus

    Five students were called to extra classes as a punishment for carrying mobile phones in class: the smart and hard-working Bronwyn who is to continue his Yale education; Adi, Jake's typical beauty and perfect girlfriend; Cooper, a baseball player with a great sporting career in sight; the young criminal Nate who is on probation and Simon, outlaw and founder of a blog in which he reveals the secrets of his classmates. But when only four people come out of the classroom alive, the circle of forced friendships, secrets and revelations opens - all in order to find Simon's killer. The naive story turns into a scary and tense thriller. The wheel of truth is slowly turning - facing one's own fears, having the courage to admit personal guilt and discovering a secret kept under the pressure of maturity. Everyone is hiding something from the public eye. It is a question of what each of them is ready to do to keep their own secret.
    ден 450,00
    Picture of Candles burn the until end Sandor Marai

    Candles burn the until end Sandor Marai

    In a castle at the foot of the Carpathians, an old nobleman greets his friend whom he has not seen in forty-one years. During the night, from dinner to sunrise, the two men with words and silences, stories, accusations and excuses, face the event that radically changed their lives, but also the life of another person who is missing in the dining room with lighted candles - now the late mistress of the castle. The last time all three were sitting in the same room was in 1900, after a deer hunt in the forest that caused catastrophic consequences. And the hour of reckoning finally beats.
    ден 280,00
    Picture of Apropos of nothing Wood Allen

    Apropos of nothing Wood Allen

    Starting his childhood in Brooklyn and working part-time as a songwriter for Sid Caesar's entertainment show, Allen tells us about his beginnings as a stand-up comedian, and the road to his first accolades and successes. With unparalleled vivacity and vigor, he tells us about the films and spans his entire extremely fruitful sixty-year career as a screenwriter and director, from his classics such as Annie Hall, Manhattan and Hannah and her sisters, to Midnight in Paris. Along the way, he tells us about his marriages, love affairs and friendships with celebrities, jazz and his books ...
    ден 600,00
    Picture of American dust Jeanine Cummins

    American dust Jeanine Cummins

    Lydia Perez lives in the Mexican city of Acapulco, with her son Luca and her journalist husband. Although she knows they will never be sold, Lydia keeps some of her favorite books in the bookstore she runs. One day, a man enters the store and buys, among other things, two of her books. Javier is charming, but it turns out that he is the head of the latest drug cartel in the city. After Lydia's husband publishes his article about Javier, their lives will no longer be the same. American Dust is a book filled with drama and humanity on every page. A rare search for the destinies of people who are willing to sacrifice everything for a little hope. An important voice in the discussion of immigration and lost hopes for a more dignified life.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of Internal Engineering Sadghuru

    Internal Engineering Sadghuru

    A revolutionary way of thinking about our activities and humanity, and about the possibility of achieving nothing less than a life filled with joy. In his powerful and transformative book, thought leader, visionary, philanthropist, mystic and yogi Sadguru recounts his own awakening, from a boy with an unusual affinity for nature to a brave young adventurer who crossed the Indian continent on his motorcycle. He recounts the moment of his enlightenment on a mountain peak, and the path to absolute prosperity, the path that has stood the test of time: the classical knowledge of yoga. Today, as the founder of Isha, an organization dedicated to humanitarian causes, Sadguru lights the way for millions of people around the world.
    ден 420,00
    Picture of A man crying with laughter Frederick Begbede

    A man crying with laughter Frederick Begbede

    Octav Parango worked as a copywriter in the 90's, in 2000 he was a fashion agent, and in 2010 he discovered a new profession ... A Man Crying with Laughter is the culmination of Octave Parango's trilogy on modern alienation. Cruel and funny, cynical and honest, with witty remarks about human life and the current moment, this novel is full of emotions and desperate confessions. Using his alter ego, Frederick Begbede writes a pamphlet against the shortcomings of Western society, especially in the media. Unfortunately, everything is true in this ridiculous and desperate satire!
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Assistola Marija Janevska

    Assistola Marija Janevska

    After a personal tragedy, the young doctor Lena decides to leave her life in Vienna and return to her hometown. She is torn between strenuous hospital shifts, regular meetings with a psychotherapist, maintaining friendships ... and forbidden feelings that suddenly overwhelm her towards Gabriel, a famous and charming surgeon, which can ruin her entire career. Trying to find a way out of the emotional maze, just when she decides to unpack the big suitcases from Vienna, her life takes a new turn. Dramatic and full of feelings, exciting from beginning to end, the novel Asistola takes us where the struggle for human life is fought, but also for love, a struggle for things that give us meaning and make our heart beat even harder.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of The Infinite Game Simon Sinek

    The Infinite Game Simon Sinek

    In the final games, such as football and chess, we know the players, the rules are the same for everyone and the goal is clear. Winners and losers are easily identified. But in endless games, like business, politics or life itself, players come and go, the rules change and there is no single end goal. In infinite games there are no winners and losers, only forward or backward. Many of the problems faced by organizations exist solely because their leaders play endless games using skills useful only for final games.
    ден 450,00
    Picture of There is no place for an elephant in this balloon Bistra Georgieva

    There is no place for an elephant in this balloon Bistra Georgieva

    When Sani and Stella found the balloon, all the animals wanted to enter. But will there be room for a big elephant in that balloon? A colorful story with many animals and an unexpected ending.
    ден 200,00