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    Picture of Beer Skopsko 0.5l IPL

    Beer Skopsko 0.5l IPL

    IPL or India Pale Lager beers belong to the group of "craft" beers - produced by hand method and in small quantities. One of the most commonly used methods is "dry hopping" , manual addition of hops at low temperatures (around 0⁰C) in the post-fermentation period. In this way, the aromas that are characteristic of hops are emphasized and intensified, thus giving the beer its authenticity.
    ден 50,00
    Picture of Beer Tuborg 0.5l Alcohol Free

    Beer Tuborg 0.5l Alcohol Free

    Tuborg Non-Alcoholic — is non-alcoholic beer, brewed using the dialysis technology. Exactly that method allows making alcohol-free beer, which does not differ in taste from beer containing alcohol.Tuborg Non-Alcoholic expands consumers boarders of choice and allows them to enjoy the taste of the favorite beverage in any situation.
    ден 55,00
    Picture of Beer La Trappe 0.33l Tripel

    Beer La Trappe 0.33l Tripel

    La Trape Tripel also known as La Trape Dominus Tripel - a red-amber beer with an alcohol content of 8%. The use of coriander gives a spicy character. Fruity, bitter taste and aroma. [10]
    ден 144,00
    Picture of Beer Chimay 0.33l

    Beer Chimay 0.33l

    Dark Trappist beer with strong aromas and complex taste, which develops over the years of aging. It is an authentic Belgian beer, relatively dry and with a note of caramel, with fresh yeast that gives the beer a particularly pleasant, light floral touch. Contains 7% alcohol
    ден 216,00