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    Picture of Fiction Martin Valezer

    Fiction Martin Valezer

    In Fiction (1970), Walzer essentially defends the artistic notion that the writer possesses unlimited but also false creative freedom that is manifested only in works at the expense of social engagement; gradually the words begin to oppose aimless violence against them, they cease to be obedient, they disintegrate and lose their original meaning. In Fiction we face the self-government of a creative imagination that listens only to its own ideas and is not bound by any objective command or supreme goal. Missing any plot, the motifs cross arbitrarily and create an infinitely large chain of images. The narrator interrupts his presentation to resume it from another starting point; characters change their characters and functions; the meaning of a sentence is refuted only a few lines later. In this text, Walzer reveals the mystery of a literary work, which is in fact an irresponsible mockery of art - a worthless verbal game that invokes modernity but bypasses the true content of human life.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Philip's History Justin

    Philip's History Justin

    The work that has come down to us through the manuscript tradition under the title Iustini Historiae Philippicae or Iustini Historiae Philippicae is an abbreviated version or epitome of a preserved work by the Roman historian Gnaeus Pompey Trog. According to some indications from the text itself, it can be concluded that the title of Trog's work was a book about Philip's history, the beginnings of the whole world and the places of the earth. From the text of Justin's epitome it is certain that the work of Trog represented an extensive universal history of the whole known world, from the time of Nin, the mythical king of Assyria and the founder of Nineveh, to the time of Emperor Augustus.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of The great Gatsby Francis Scott Fitzgerald

    The great Gatsby Francis Scott Fitzgerald

    The Great Gatsby is among the most famous novels about the fall of the "American Dream" and the moral decadence of fashionable society. This novel depicts the "age of disappointment", or according to Fitzgerald "the age of jazz".
    ден 250,00
    Picture of  George's Secret Key to the Universe Stephen Hawking

    George's Secret Key to the Universe Stephen Hawking

    Meet George, an ordinary boy. But all that will change with the arrival of his new neighbors. They own the COSMOS - a secret, super-smart computer that can take George on a dizzying space journey. But COSMOS is in danger, and if it falls into the wrong hands of George, and the whole world, it is in great danger. This is an amazing story - a lesson filled with interesting illustrations designed and written by Lucy, the daughter of perhaps the smartest man on the planet, the amazing Stephen Hawking.
    ден 600,00
    Picture of George and the Big Bang Stephen Hawking

    George and the Big Bang Stephen Hawking

    Have you ever wanted to travel in space? Meet George. He is usually a boy with an incredible secret - he has the opportunity to experience intergalactic adventures! Join him in the battle against the evil rebellious scientist, who at all costs wants to sabotage the most exciting - and dangerous - experiment of the century. The deadly bomb is knocking. The whole world is watching. Can George stop the second GREAT BANG?
    ден 600,00
    Picture of George and the Unbreakable Code Stephen Hawking
    Picture of Flowers Afonso Cruz

    Flowers Afonso Cruz

    In a hopeless attempt to recreate the past of his lost friend, Mr. Ulm, the narrator of this novel reconstructs his present in the hope that one day he will become a person who can converse with the sufferings of others. Another's misfortune is a stepping stone to eternity, or to ruin. Can we exist without memories and who is the person we see in front of the mirror? Has the repetition of everyday life blunted us to indifference to every other, even to the one that is most immediate to us? The answers to these questions may be hidden in the secret key around Mr. Ulm's neck. Let's go deeper into the heart of the forest.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Four: A divergent collection Veronica Roth

    Four: A divergent collection Veronica Roth

    ONE CHOICE One choice frees Him from the past One choice contains his future One Choice Reveals Dangers One choice changes him forever One choice will set him free
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Old Goriot Honoré de Balzac

    Old Goriot Honoré de Balzac

    Uncle Gorio is one of the residents of Madame Walker's dirty boarding house. At first his wealth arouses the respect of others, but as his circumstances mysteriously change for the worse, those around him begin to avoid him, so soon his only visitors are his two well-dressed daughters. Gorio's fate is intertwined with two other boarders: the young Eugene de Rastinjac, who is looking for a way to gain the acceptance and wealth he wants, and the mysterious figure of Votren, who hides the darkest secrets of all. Weaving an attractive and panoramic story of love, money, self-sacrifice, corruption, greed and ambition, Uncle Gorio is a masterpiece by Balzac.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Man in the high castle Philip K. Dick

    Man in the high castle Philip K. Dick

    The Man in the High Castle is a dazzlingly speculative novel based on the popular TV series of the same name, produced by Ridley Scott. The renowned cult novel by Philip K. Dick gives us a terrifying view of the alternative world, in which one of the Allies lost World War II. In this nightmarish dystopia, the Nazis occupy New York, the Japanese control California, and the African continent is virtually non-existent. The author of the illegal bestseller lives in the neutral buffer zone in America, which divides the world into two new rival superpowers. His book offers a new vision of reality, an alternative theory of world history in which the Axis powers were defeated, and gives hope to the disappointed. Is "reality" in him or is his world just one of many others?
    ден 450,00
    Picture of The Wonder Emma Donoghue

    The Wonder Emma Donoghue

    Emma Donahue, an amazing writer of historical novels, dedicates this novel to girls and girls who starve to death in the name of God. In the past, especially in Ireland, such "anorexic saints" were somehow in vogue. Although it happened under the auspices of God, and in the middle of the XIX century, still all the dilemma, irony and simple reason for self-control the reader can connect with today's adolescents. This is an amazing story about 11-year-old Anna O'Donnell who lives in an Irish village near Athlone. She has been living without food for 4 months, and claims that she is fed up with "Manna from Heaven". The miracle girl becomes the center of attention for the villagers, most of them consider her a saint, but they want to be sure that they are not deceived. Florence Nightingale nurse Lib Wright arrives in the village during the famine season. As the period goes by, the tension of anticipation becomes unbearable. Libya does not tolerate the Irish, and it is not uncommon for underage girls to starve under the auspices of religion. She constantly struggles with her own antagonism towards the Catholic religion and its moral principles as an experienced caregiver. Yet the child is a child. When she observes the girl, she does not notice any deception, but the mystery increases as this girl survives.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Ulysses James Joyce

    Ulysses James Joyce

    Controversial, scandalous, intertextual, at times unreadable, but certainly witty and fun, Ulysses is undoubtedly a masterpiece of twentieth-century modernism. The journey begins and lasts for one day - June 16, 1904 (the date Joyce met his wife Nora Barnacle) - in the lives of three Dubliners: Leopold Bloom, an advertiser, the poet Stephen Daedalus, and Molly Bloom, Leopold's wife. Their journeys, thoughts and encounters form the basis of the narrative action: the celebration of all human experience through the lives of certain individuals who have found themselves in a particular place at a particular time.
    ден 600,00
    Picture of G. John Berger

    G. John Berger

    The novel J. is a Picard novel set in Europe in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The novel follows the sexual adventures of a young European Don Juan, J., the illegitimate son of an Italian merchant and an unusual young Englishwoman, and the gradual development of his political consciousness. With great understanding, Berger explores the hearts and souls of both men and women, what happens during sex, to discover the conditions for the young lover's success: his essential loneliness, the tenderness that pervades even the shortest meetings and the way women experience them. All this on the historical background of the Garibaldi Revolution, the failed uprising of the Milan workers in 1898, the Boer War and the first flight across the Alps, due to which J. is a remarkable novel about the search for intimacy in the private moments of history.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of The Magic Skin Honoré de Balzac

    The Magic Skin Honoré de Balzac

    Shagrin skin is one of those Balzac novels that emphasizes the mysterious, the mystical and the fantastic, and it gives it a special mark. His prose prose discourse in this novel is fluid, the phrase and descriptions are sensually colored to the maximum, the esotericism of the subject subtly spills over to the level of language and expression. The delicate play of the senses, insomnia and sleep become dominant in the perception of the world by the characters in this novel. The vivisection of society here is done in a different way - through the game of the mystical and the real that intertwine in a specific way. Shagrinska's novel is especially current, readable and provocative. This is due to the skillful interweaving of the real, the mystical and the esoteric, which break down time barriers and which are a permanent challenge for readers. This is the "great secret of human life" that Balzac is talking about, a secret masterfully contained in the three magical phrases specially separated in this novel, which are: "to love", "to be able" and "to know".
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Schindler's Ark Thomas Keneally

    Schindler's Ark Thomas Keneally

    Schindler's novel's list sparked widespread controversy over a different view of anti-Semitism and the history of World War II. Schindler's List is a wonderful book based on the true story of how a German military profiteer and prison camp director, Oscar Schindler, managed to save more Jews from the gas chambers than any other individual during World War II. In this masterpiece of Holocaust literature, which also made him an Oscar-winning film, Thomas Kennill uses the true testimonies of Schindlerjuden - Schindler's Jews - to brilliantly portray the courage and shrewdness of a good man in the midst of indescribable evil.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of A one-way ticket Didier van Koveler

    A one-way ticket Didier van Koveler

    A child of unknown parents, who died in a car accident, was rescued and adopted by a Roma family from Marseille. They gave him the name Aziz. Aziz grows up with new parents with fake Moroccan documents. At the age of eighteen, he stole cars and car radios. He is arrested for theft, and the French authorities decide that he should be one of the first examples of the new immigration policy - the return of illegal immigrants to their countries of origin. He is assigned a "humanitarian companion", an officer to be deported to Morocco. These two travelers become friends and experience many things along the way in search of the city of Aziz, which does not actually exist.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of The elected member Bernice Rubens

    The elected member Bernice Rubens

    "The Chosen Member" is a novel about a dysfunctional Jewish family, but despite the tragic elements in this story, the comic still makes this novel a real reading pleasure. Norman is the smartest in a close-knit Jewish family in east London. Miracle of a child; brilliant lawyer; pupil in the eyes of his parents ... until he was forty when he became addicted to drugs, locked in his bedroom, at the mercy of his hallucinations and paranoia. For Norman, going to a mental hospital is the ultimate act of betrayal. For Rabbi Zvek, Norman's father, his son's deteriorating condition is a bitter reminder of his guilt and failure. Only Bella, the unmarried infant sister in white ankle socks,
    ден 300,00
    Picture of George and the Blue Moon Stephen Hawking

    George and the Blue Moon Stephen Hawking

    Have you ever wanted to travel in space? Meet George. He is usually a boy with an incredible secret - he has the opportunity to experience intergalactic adventures! Annie, George's best friend, needs help - and right away. Her father is working on a space project - and something is wrong with the whole thing. A robot has landed on Mars, but it behaves very strangely. And Annie discovers something strange on her father's supercomputer. Is that a message from an alien? Is it possible to have life out there? And if you could talk to aliens, what would you say to them?
    ден 600,00
    Picture of The books my father swallowed Afonso Cruz

    The books my father swallowed Afonso Cruz

    Vivaldo Bonfin is a clerk with a boring job, so he often reads novels and novels in the tax office where he works. One day, while pretending to work hard, he gets lost in reading and disappears from this world. This is his true story - told by his son, Elias Bonfin, who goes in search of his father, traveling through the classics of literature full of murderers, immense passions, wild beasts and other dangers created by letters.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of The autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr. Edited by Claiborne Carson

    The autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr. Edited by Claiborne Carson

    Professor of History and prominent author and editor of several books on the struggle for civil rights, Dr. Claiborne Carson was selected by the Martin Luther King Jr. Foundation to edit and publish Dr. King's papers. Using Dr. King's unprecedented archive of his own words - including unpublished letters and diaries, as well as videos and recordings - Dr. Carson created an unforgettable self-portrait of Dr. King. With his vivid, merciful voice, we have before us Martin Luther King, Jr., student, priest, husband, father, and world leader ... represented in a rich, moving chronicle of a nation and a nation erected with a powerful change, which it still resonates around the world.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of American rebel Mark Eliot

    American rebel Mark Eliot

    There is something in Eastwood that does not allow us to simplify his character, a part of his soul where no psychiatrist can enter ... Clint Eastwood is an interesting film persona because his essence is more interesting than his existence. The film works more in a way that shapes lifestyles into a myth, rather than turning life forces into art. The beauty of actors is that they are vain and stupid enough to allow themselves to be mummified just to enlighten the audience. - Andrew Surrey I am an actor who plays in different roles; all and none of those roles is me. - Clint Eastwood
    ден 500,00
    Picture of Аrousmit Sinclair Lewis

    Аrousmit Sinclair Lewis

    Arrowsmith is a story about the exceptional scientific mind of Dr. Martin Arrowsmith and his journey from a small town in the Midwest to the upper echelons of the scientific community. Elk Mills, Winemac, where Dr. Martin Arrowsmith hails from, is a fictional place, but Sinclair Lewis places the plot of several of his novels here. Dr. Martin works as the sole physician in Little Westville, North Dakota, where he struggles with various problems and shortcomings, but his life goes on and he advances in his career. Finally, Dr. Martin was recognized by his mentor Max Gottlieb through his research paper and offered to be part of the team at the prestigious New York Science Institute. The novel culminates with Dr. Arrowsmith's discovery of the phage that kills bubonic plague bacteria. Martin's first wife, whom he loves dearly and is his support, dies of bubonic plague. He then travels to a Caribbean island to explore the plague. The novel concludes with Dr. Martin's decision to leave his second wealthy wife, as well as a prestigious job, and leave independently to settle in Vermont.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Archeology Vesna Bikic

    Archeology Vesna Bikic

    FIND OUT: which is archeology who were the great archaeologists which are the most significant archaeological discoveries what school do you need to become an archaeologist which belongs to archeological tools what is beautiful and what is difficult in archeology TRY: to determine the age of the items in your home to do excavation in the yard to assemble the parts of a broken plate describe the objects you discovered to draw a picture of the excavated object to make a research diary
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Architecture Dragana Jokic

    Architecture Dragana Jokic

    Find out: - what is architecture - who thinks of the appearance of the city - on whom everything depends on the shape of the houses - how the Eiffel Tower came to be - whether the garden can be located on the roof Try: - to find out what a project task is - to draw a scale drawing - draw a plan of your room - to find building materials - to change the appearance of the facade
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Astronomy Nikola Bozic

    Astronomy Nikola Bozic

    When you hear the news that an eclipse of the Sun or the Moon will occur, when you find out that a meteor shower or a comet can be seen during the night - you will surely want to see it all. These, like many other phenomena in space, are studied by the science of astronomy. During the clear nights, it is nice to look at the sky and observe the multitude of stars, the moon and some sparks that fly through the sky. If you start exploring the sky with binoculars or a telescope, you will be doing what real astronomers do. You will realize that the Earth is only a small part of a vast, perhaps infinite universe, but that we are, in fact, on a small planet. The night sky and space are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for writers of science fiction stories and novels, and movies and series about travel to distant worlds are very popular.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Atala Rene Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand

    Atala Rene Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand

    The novel Atala tells the story of a religious and romantic passion based on the exotic landscapes of America, from Louisiana to Canada. The relationship of love between two savages in the desert (Atala and Shaktas) not only affirms the author's theory of the beauty of Christianity and the poetry of religion, but also reveals Chateaubriand's love of nature, which evokes feelings so valued by romantics. This book is composed of parts that we can call great poems in lyrical prose, which connect the story that carries the basic orchestration. Renee from the short novel of the same name, as his biographers say, is Chateaubriand himself. His spiritual self-portrait. Anyone who reads his biography will immediately discover some characteristics among the hero Rene, who in his old age, on the shores of Messebe, in the jungle, tells his dramatic and very moving life story to the blind and already very old Shaktas, the hero of the previous novel and of the priest Suell, the missionary of the Rosalie Fortress, a French colony in the middle of the Nachezi tribe of India. After the hunt for the beavers, when the blind Sashem (or Shaktas) told Rene about his love adventures with the beautiful Atala, the grumpy Frenchman did not want to talk about his own. However, Shaktas and the missionary were eager to learn of an accident that forced a nobleman to bury himself in the deserts of Louisiana.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Fairy tales he Grimm Brothers

    Fairy tales he Grimm Brothers

    The "Children's and Home Fairy Tales" collection is undoubtedly the most famous and most translated German book of all time, and the fairy tales contained in it, for centuries, orally or in writing, have been embedded in the soul and imagination of many generations of children around the world. Even today, they have not lost their relevance and are a favorite read for both children and adults. If in the past many people made their first touch with a written text by reading the Bible, for countless generations of children in the world these fairy tales were the first acquaintance with a literary text. In the overall work of the Grimm brothers, fairy tales have a special place and the greatest popularity. Their interest in fairy tales was motivated by the understanding of the romantic principle that in fairy tales, as a form of folk epic, the so-called spirit of the people is preserved,
    ден 450,00
    Picture of The babysitter Phoebe Morgan

    The babysitter Phoebe Morgan

    One murdered woman, one missing baby, one suspect and many questionnaires. Caroline Harvey, 33, was stabbed while guarding her friend's baby. Her body was found on the crib and the baby was missing. The suspect in the murder is her lover, the charming Callum, who is arrested while he is on vacation in France with his wife and daughter. "I know what you are doing. "Do not take what is not yours" is the message that appears on Caroline's cell phone the night before she was killed and hints at deeply buried secrets. Callum admits they were lovers, but stubbornly denies killing him. Meanwhile, the media is tearing him and his family apart ... A book you will not be able to leave. A great psychological thriller with amazing plots that you will just think you have untangled, re-wrapping and challenging your detective skills again!
    ден 550,00
    Picture of White on black Ruben Gallego

    White on black Ruben Gallego

    White on black is a remarkable testimony, a story of the triumph of a boy faced with insurmountable obstacles. Born in Moscow with cerebral palsy, Ruben Gallego was hidden in Soviet state institutions by his maternal grandfather, the general secretary of the Spanish Communist Party in the 1960s. He spent his childhood in orphanages, hospitals and nursing homes, living a life of emotional deprivation and lost human dignity. And yet, in the book there is no self-pity, no bitterness, there is only an unwavering attitude towards the truth. Gallego's story is a story of neglect and bullying, but also of shared small pleasures, of courage, of the power of human will and of a child's growing fascination with books and the worlds he finds in them.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of The Wealth of Tsar Radovan Jovan Ducic

    The Wealth of Tsar Radovan Jovan Ducic

    "Everyone knows that there is still a buried treasure in life for each of them. All people dig: all people from action, from zeal, from strength, from faith in life and purpose, and from faith in the incredible and the impossible ... Everyone seeks the king of that eternal restlessness and eternal search. The world would disappear if that king did not exist and he would be blind if his sensible wealth did not shine in the darkness ... " The book on wisdom and beauty by the great Serbian author Jovan Ducic is one of the most read works of Serbian literature. A treasury of poetic philosophical reflections on fateful topics that preoccupy every person. Source of knowledge and life inspiration. A book that encourages generations of readers to think, offers support in difficult times and helps anyone who dives into its ranks to find their way more easily.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of Botany Sonja Duletic-Lausevic and Dusica Janosevic

    Botany Sonja Duletic-Lausevic and Dusica Janosevic

    Find out: which is botany who were the famous botanists what are the basic parts of plants how plants get their names what is beautiful and what is difficult in botany how to become a botanist Try: to make a herbarium to follow the movement of water through the plant to grow the plant from its seed to examine how the plant feels to describe the plant scientifically to use a plant key
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Wagon restaurant Liljana Dirjan

    Wagon restaurant Liljana Dirjan

    Written unconventionally, with great love and passion, Dirjan's Wagon-Restaurant is an extraordinary example of a kind of "melange" of: travelogue, autobiographical letter, erudition style, poetic prose, intertext ... Liljana Dirjan, with equal passion, embarkes on adventures of the story. Her exceptional talent for poetic discourse, specific worldview and associative power create a very original, unique and specific "Dirjanovski" style that dominates every page of Wagon-Restaurant. And the interest in others and in otherness (countries, peoples, cultures ...), the imagological representations of the distant as close and their own, represent a rare gift and a unique shared experience.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Barbarian wedding Jan Kefelek

    Barbarian wedding Jan Kefelek

    It all starts in a village on the ocean, right after the last war with the "barbaric" rape of 13-year-old Nicole, who the poor woman believes has a great love affair with the American soldier. From that "barbaric" act is born Ludo, the unwanted child who will bear the stamp of the "shame" of the family all his life and will remind his mother of the painful drunken night with the three Americans. His mother hates him, and her primitive petty-bourgeois family, which, above all, adheres to its "honesty" and good voice, abuses the child and keeps him in the attic in the hope that he will soon die ... Growing up in total "barbaric" isolation, surrounded by cold-blooded indifference, he is not crazy but mad with loneliness, with love especially for his mother. However, the mother, and the tragic person herself, obsessed with her own trauma, has no understanding of her son's feelings. He will run away from home madly. The mother and son are found. They confess to each other. For the first time, Ludo will call her "mom". But that miraculous harmony will last only a moment, his mother's eyes are cold, she just wants to take him back to the "catch" ...
    ден 300,00
    Picture of The wolves Guy Mazlin

    The wolves Guy Mazlin

    Wolves is a family chronicle that reveals the disintegration of a wealthy middle-class family and the futile efforts of the younger generation to break away from the shackles of provincial society. This is a book that arouses great interest with its depiction of life in a port of the English Channel with the drama of the characters - the old mother and her struggle to regain control of the impractical son, whose marriage to a village girl she condemns; the wife, who ignores the husband but uses power over her children; the conflict, which underlies the superficial closeness between the wife Madame Jobor and the mother of the girl in whom her favorite son is in love; the city as a background, with its intertwined sub-stories that add color and voice to the text.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of Gilgamesh Unknown author

    Gilgamesh Unknown author

    The Sumerian-Babylonian epic Gilgamesh is the oldest known literary work in the world. Scholars date the creation of special clay tablets to the 19th or 20th century BC, which means that this epic was created several centuries earlier than the famous Homeric epics, as well as all other known ancient works ("Vedi", etc. The epic was written and written in the language of the Sumerians, a people who then settled in lower Mesopotamia, between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, so it is believed that the Sumerians are the originators of the oldest preserved culture and creators of the first letter in history. of humanity, and the hero who all his life has been searching for human immortality, will become immortal in world literature. This supreme translation of one of the foundations of world literature was made by Mikhail Rendzhov, one of our most prominent poets, inspiring elements of his lyrical experience.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Mrs. Bovary Gustav Flaubert

    Mrs. Bovary Gustav Flaubert

    Emma Bovary is a beautiful young woman who lives a boring everyday life, trapped in a marriage with an average doctor and suffocated by the banality of provincial life. She is a zealous reader of sentimental novels, longs for passion and seeks escape in fantasies of great romance, in outrageous spending of money and, in the end, in adultery. But even such actions bring her disappointment, and when real life still fails to meet her romantic expectations, the consequences are catastrophic.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Does America need a foreign policy? Henry Kissinger

    Does America need a foreign policy? Henry Kissinger

    In this contemporary, important, and far-reaching book, Henry Kissinger, America's most famous diplomat, explains why America urgently needs a new and comprehensive foreign policy and what goals the United States should have in foreign policy in the new millennium. The book clearly shows the assessment of how the supremacy of the United States as a world dominant state in the twentieth century can be effectively reconciled with the urgent need for a bold new world order in the XXI century. Kissinger gives his opinion on almost every topic he raises, from globalization (which he supports) to international courts ( does not approve). His claims often offer new perspectives, and he is particularly critical of the fact that domestic politics interferes in America's international relations. A particular problem in this regard is the media, which runs around the world in search of exciting, sensationalist, but short stories, which are usually presented as stories of the eternal struggle between good and evil, and rarely in terms of the long-term challenges they will face. open them in a historical context. Does America need a foreign policy? She certainly needs it, and Henry Kissinger gives readers an insight into what a good foreign policy should look like.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of The child in the snow Emilija Zlatkova Anastasova

    The child in the snow Emilija Zlatkova Anastasova

    The Child in the Snow is a collection of stories about all the families whose children got lost in the "cold of the snow". These are stories dedicated to all the children who drowned in the loneliness of the "snowstorms", the so-called autism. Psychological and fictional stories about the reality of the life of families who have a child with autism, and who often struggle alone and alone, without help from anyone. The child in the snow is an attempt by the author to show the struggles of these families and children, but also to draw attention and interest to them to be accepted and understood. The second part of this book contains personal testimonies from parents of children with autism who want to share their experiences and struggles to encourage other parents facing a child with autism and show them that they are not alone in that struggle; and those unfamiliar who know nothing about autism should be introduced to the challenges these families face.
    ден 200,00
    Picture of The children of Noisy Village Astrid Lindgren

    The children of Noisy Village Astrid Lindgren

    Welcome to Noisy Village! In fact, it is not really a village. Lisa, who tells the stories, lives on Middle Farm with her parents and two brothers, Carl and Bill. Britta and Anna live on North Farm, and Ole and Kerstin live on South Farm. Because the houses are so close to each other and because the children make so much noise, the farms got this honest and cheerful name. A big linden tree grows between the Middle and South Farms, and the boys sometimes climb the branches to visit each other - even the girls do, like the night they waited for Ole to fall asleep and secretly pull out his tooth. he swayed without his knowledge! This is just one of the many adventures that young and older readers alike will love to see in this book.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of Divergent Veronica Roth

    Divergent Veronica Roth

    In the dystopian version of Chicago, where Beatrice Pryor lives, society is divided into five factions - the Honest, the Selfless, the Fearless, the Peaceful, and the Learned, each committed to preserving and developing a particular virtue. On a certain day, every year, all sixteen-year-olds must initiate a certain faction to which they will dedicate the rest of their lives. Beatrice has to decide whether to stay with her family or be what she really is - she can't have both. Her choice surprises everyone, even her. Divergents by Veronica Roth is the first book in the dystopian thriller trilogy full of electrified decisions, poignant betrayals, stunning consequences, and unexpected love.
    ден 450,00
    Picture of Home teacher Michael Hagner

    Home teacher Michael Hagner

    Michael Hagner tells the story of Andreas Dipold, a private tutor in Germany at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, his students and their parents, as well as the harassment and murder of a teacher. The author refers to the sources and court records of that time. He then analyzes the legal, medical and media practices of the time and the complexity of the events to create a "case" model, but only partially based on the facts. The scandal was hotly debated in pedagogy, criminology, psychiatry and sexology, so that, in due course, the term "diploidism" entered the textbooks with the definition of a classic example of educational sadism. The book paints a picture of the uncompromising nature of education, sexuality and punishment, the views of educated and scholarly circles on education, punishment, "normalcy" and perversion, and people whose role as educators is sometimes unclear.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Touching from a distance Deborah Curtis

    Touching from a distance Deborah Curtis

    This is the only deep and intimate biographical portrait of the Joy Division singer, written by his widow. Ian Curtis was revered by his contemporaries and left behind a legacy rich in artistic genius. Bono from "U2" described his voice as "holy" and idealized by his fans. He was a hypnotic performer on stage, but he was also introverted and subject to sudden mood swings. Ian Curtis died on May 18, 1980. "Touch from a distance" describes his life from the earliest period to his untimely death, just before the start of the first Joy Division tour of America. The book tells how he, with his wife, child and international popularity, was seduced by the "glory of early death". What were the reasons for his fascination with death? Were his dark and alienated verses an expression of artistic exorcism? In "Touch from a Distance," Curtis' widow, Deborah, explains this drama in his life and the tragedy of his death. The book also includes a list of the band's concert performances and all lyrics written by Curtis, many of which were first published here. The Macedonian edition also includes translations of all of Curtis' verses.
    ден 450,00
    Picture of Dracula Bram Stoker

    Dracula Bram Stoker

    When Jonathan Harker is called to Transylvania in the Carpathians in connection with the sale of real estate, he does not know that he is entering the lair of the bloodthirsty vampire, Count Dracula. Dracula sleeps in a quiet grave under his desolate castle. his gaze is cold, and his face is mortally pale. But there is a mocking smile on his face - and drops of fresh blood. He has been dead for centuries, and yet he cannot die ... Although Bram Stoker did not invent the vampire Dracula, the impact of his novel on popular culture is undeniable.
    ден 470,00
    Picture of The desire to be like everyone else Francesco Piccolo

    The desire to be like everyone else Francesco Piccolo

    Berlinger's funeral and the discovery of the joy we feel when we lose, the abduction of Moreau and the betrayal by his father, the intellectual courage of Paris and the first love that dies on Valentine's Day, the speech by which Bertinotti overthrew the government of Prodi and the final surrender of the gene of superficiality, everyday life during Berlusconi's twenty years in power, Craxi's sentences and a Carver story ... Although it is true that we need a lifetime to become who we are, when we look back, the road is clearly marked, there is a series of premonitions, moments, gusts of inspiration and mistakes that make up the thread of our lives. With the Desire to be like everyone else, Piccolo wrote a book that is both a novel about the Italian left and a story about personal and collective maturation. The epoch in which we live cannot be rejected, it can only be accepted. Everyone experiences at least one lifelong love story: one with their time and their country, a (turbulent) marriage between private and public life. This personal and political, entertaining, extremely serious and provocative novel talks about everything that contributes to who we are.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Words Jean Paul Sartre

    Words Jean Paul Sartre

    "Words" is a book that is rightly considered a masterpiece by Sartre. According to Simone de Beauvoir, this book was well received by the audience. It is a book that Sartre tried to write well, unlike his other works, in which he mainly tried to present his ideas as faithfully as possible. Two qualities contribute to the extraordinary success, to the plausibility of this work, and to its special place in Sartre's overall diverse and rich creative work: his artistic validity, on the one hand, and his extraordinary sincerity and openness, on the other, which sometimes borders on complete nakedness of the author, in presenting and commenting on the most private actions and feelings from childhood and youth.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of Earthly and heavenly vineyards Eftim Kletnikov

    Earthly and heavenly vineyards Eftim Kletnikov

    Wine and poetry have always gone hand in hand. They both intoxicate the soul and the spirit. The reader of this book will be convinced that wine is a sacred invention, which we should treat with holy respect. Reading the poems like wine goblets, he too can indulge in the holy drunkenness spoken of by Rumi, which man felt even before the Creator planted the first vineyard.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of The church of the virgin in paris Victor Hugo

    The church of the virgin in paris Victor Hugo

    The Church of Our Lady of Paris is one of the best historical novels in world literature. It is fundamentally opposed to monarchy, Catholicism, barbaric justice, and the death penalty. In this novel Hugo presents his understandings of good and evil, of love and hate, of the beautiful and the ugly. Through the fate of the unforgettable characters of Esmeralda and Quasimodo, the author points out the beauty of the human soul, emphasizing the aesthetic thesis that the essence is more important than the external form, which is a great novelty in world literature.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of Eye play Elias Canetti

    Eye play Elias Canetti

    Eye play is the third volume of Canetti's autobiography. The action takes place in Vienna, between 1931 and 1937: a period when the European catastrophe, already clearly visible to anyone who wanted to see it, was nearing its peak. To the great intellectual and spiritual self-portrait, Canetti adds the beautiful portraits of his friends and rivals: Hermann Broch, Robert Musil, Fritz Wortruba, Alban Berg and Alma Mahler. Canetti brings these legends to life for modern readers like never before, and essential to the book is Canetti's portrayal of his friendship with the mysterious Dr. Zone, a mentor with a profound influence on Canetti's life and work.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Selected plays Goran Stefanovski

    Selected plays Goran Stefanovski

    The playwright, writer, playwright, professor, man Goran Stefanovski, we need more than just in such (un) times, because of his open dialogue with the diversity around us, because of his uncensored monologue with himself and his own work, because of his lucid, clear , an intelligent language, due to the extraordinary handwriting that strengthened the position of the Macedonian modern drama and opened the door to the postmodern. Today is a great time to read Goran Stefanovski again. This dramatic choice Today is a great time to read Goran Stefanovski again. This dramatic selection ("Wild Meat", "Flight in Place", "Hi-Fi", "Double Bottom", "Bahanalii" and "The Demon from Debar Maalo") and this text - up close and personal, tries to give it to give respect and love to the author Goran Stefanovski, but also to arouse interest in his plays for the new generations and readers and actors and playwrights and directors, pupils and students, lovers of theater.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Ispolin Jacques Six

    Ispolin Jacques Six

    Paul Calme, Jean Calme's father, is described as a real tyrant who prevents his son from trying to be what he is. He is a powerful and destructive person of vital importance who suffocates the masculinity of his own son, and even goes so far as to steal his first love. The novel begins with the death and cremation of this monster, which creates a sense of relief and freedom in the protagonist. However, this feeling does not last long, because his father seems to appear at key moments to punish him for imaginary crimes. According to critics, this unbearably sad novel outlines a man's slow but sure path to tragedy.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of History of Violence Edouard Louis

    History of Violence Edouard Louis

    This is a short novel in the tradition of Truman Capote, but with the victim as the theme. Moving relentlessly and hypnotically between the past and the present, between Louis's voice and the voice of the imaginary narrator, the work is as precise as a police report and as curious as a memoir. It records not only the racism and homophobia of French society, but also their subtle effects on lovers, siblings, husbands and wives.
    ден 450,00
    Picture of I, the Tycoon Miroslav Miskovic

    I, the Tycoon Miroslav Miskovic

    After twenty-eight years of silence, spoke Miroslav Miskovic, the biggest businessman in Serbia from the end of the XX and the beginning of the XXI century. Why was he silent? Why speak now? The book I, the Tycoon is the only confession of the man whom Milosevic considered a collaborator, Djindjic a friend, Tadic an opponent, and Vucic an enemy. It gives a complete look at the Serbian entrepreneur, the history of misunderstandings between the state and its businessmen, the mentality of the Serbian politician and worker, the economic past, present and future of Serbia and the region. Miroslav Miskovic talks for the first time about how he earned the first million, and how Maxi sold it for a billion, how he developed and why he sold the companies, what is the logic of the work and the nature of the knowledge needed to create a business. Revealing the secrets of the most successful companies from Vardar to Triglav, this book becomes a real textbook in practical economics. Describing the greatest feats and failures of its leader and telling how he kidnapped the Zemun clan and how he was arrested by the current government, the confession of the most famous tycoon grows into an unusual autobiography that sets the economic thriller as a new genre in our league.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of How to make a movie by Radivoje Andrić

    How to make a movie by Radivoje Andrić

    How to make a movie Find out: what the first feature film looked like, and how the films are being made now what is that staff who participates in the shooting of the film what do they do: the director, the screenwriter, the actors, the director of photography, the set designer, the cinematographer ... Try: to make an animated and documentary film to write a screenplay to gather company and divide the roles to direct your first feature film
    ден 250,00
    Picture of How the world ends Maria Klisuri

    How the world ends Maria Klisuri

    Life is a series of random crossroads, it looks like a Maria Xiluri small walk with other beings, because this world is small and forces us to breathe freely only with the breath of the one next to us. The novel tells the story of six protagonists Orestes, Fanny, Dimitris, Fotis, Akos and Anna, who live in the years of fragile youth in a world where there is no progress. The first four have completed their studies, work, get divorced, start new relationships, get married. And, with the exception of Dimitris and Anna (who are brother and sister), they grew up far from Athens. Some even come from the same place, an unnamed island. They have one more thing in common: some of them grew up with only one parent, and at least two of them are "marked" with the suicide of their loved ones. Their stories take place from 2000 to 2008, but not always in a straight line of time. At the end of this narrative journey, in the immersion in the depths of the soul and in the relations with others, comes the purification or catharsis. This novel by Maria Xiluri won the Athens Prize for Literature in 2013.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of How we elected an American president Alexander Kukulev

    How we elected an American president Alexander Kukulev

    Impressive is the story of the Qatari civilization, of its worshipers, the embodiment of calm, devotion to God, love and kindness. About the Holy Grail and the mystery of Pope Bogomil ... about the Crusaders, about the great Alexei Komnenos, the one who built the monastery of St. Panteleimon 11 centuries ago ... about the priests who become Pharisees and instead of spiritual wealth, believe more in the splendor of money. The mystery of the missing masterpiece "Portrait of a Boy" by the great Rafaelo, seized by the Gestapo in the Second World War, is being solved through the digital fever of the hackers from Veles that will shake the whole continent. The Holy Grail and the masterpiece of Rafaelo are the main motive for the friendship of the secret services GRU, BND, Mossad, the Macedonian, Greek intelligence ... Kukulev tells so masterfully that the reader simply begins to doubt the first sentence of the novel How We Elected an American President that events and personalities are fictional, because the shots that appear in the reader's imagination leave room for a real dichotomy. The novel How We Elected an American President leaves the reader breathless from the first to the last page. Aleksandar Sashko Kukulev with his characteristic narrative created a shrewd and at the same time strongly provocative reading, one of those that the reader wants to see on the big screen. The reader expects a "signal" @ Anja2311 to inform him about a new action ...
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Cactus Sarah Haywood

    Cactus Sarah Haywood

    For Susan Green, messy emotions have no place in the equation of her perfectly subordinate life. She lives in an apartment that is ideal for one person, has a job that suits her passion for logic and an "interpersonal arrangement" that provides her with cultural and other, more intimate benefits. But suddenly, faced with the loss of her mother and the news that she will become a mother herself, Susan awakens the greatest fear. She is losing control ... As the due date approaches, Susan's world is shifting away from its axis. Maybe she has a chance to find true love and learn to love herself, but only if she allows herself to relax. It is never too late to flourish.
    ден 550,00
    Picture of California Blues Milan Oklopdzic

    California Blues Milan Oklopdzic

    The first Serbian urban writer, Milan Oklopdzic, described his stay in America as a journey through the so-called dream country and a memory of time spent in the West Bank, like a terrifying California blues. This is a novel that in many ways is a real literary event, a hilarious "ode" of the golden mythomania of the then "holy trinity" (sex, drugs and rock and roll), "ode" of the morbid and deviant world of the "promised" America, written with film camera and shot with an ordinary typewriter under the California sun in the company of the immortal Hendrix, Ferlinghetti, Coria ... The California blues have left a deep mark on the growth of many who understand life from a different perspective and who have not hesitated to voluntarily surrender to seductive gullibility for their own salvation. "I do not work anywhere, I am too easy for hard work, too heavy for easy work and too sexy for night work."
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Candide * Zadig Voltaire

    Candide * Zadig Voltaire

    The most important literary works of one of the greatest spirits of European and world civilization are undoubtedly the novels "Candide" and "Zadig", published, the first in 1759 and the second twelve years before 1747, but their importance and popularity did not lose even after two hundred and fifty years since its appearance. ... The two novels (or, as he calls them, "philosophical stories") are often published together, because in a way they complement and at the same time complement the idea of ​​the immortal greatness and literary talent of their author.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of In the White House 1 Henry Kissinger

    In the White House 1 Henry Kissinger

    Renowned American diplomat and politician Henry Kissinger played a historic role in leading American foreign policy under Presidents Nixon and Ford. is a confession of a top intellectual about the fateful decisions of the most powerful administration on the planet and a testimony to the key decisions, ups and downs of the human will to uphold the high values ​​of freedom, and a report with extremely subtle nuances of the negotiating skill of world peace. Kissinger's works also testify to a rare literary project.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of In the White House 2 Henry Kissinger

    In the White House 2 Henry Kissinger

    Renowned American diplomat and politician Henry Kissinger played a historic role in leading American foreign policy under Presidents Nixon and Ford. is a confession of a top intellectual about the fateful decisions of the most powerful administration on the planet and a testimony to the key decisions, ups and downs of the human will to uphold the high values ​​of freedom, and a report with extremely subtle nuances of the negotiating skill of world peace. Kissinger's works also testify to a rare literary project.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of In the White House 2 Henry Kissinger

    In the White House 2 Henry Kissinger

    Renowned American diplomat and politician Henry Kissinger played a historic role in leading American foreign policy under Presidents Nixon and Ford. is a confession of a top intellectual about the fateful decisions of the most powerful administration on the planet and a testimony to the key decisions, ups and downs of the human will to uphold the high values ​​of freedom, and a report with extremely subtle nuances of the negotiating skill of world peace. Kissinger's works also testify to a rare literary project.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of Doomsday 1 Victor Hugo

    Doomsday 1 Victor Hugo

    Written in 1862, Doomsday is considered one of the most significant novels of the nineteenth century. It follows the lives and events of several French characters for a period of 17 years in the early nineteenth century, from 1815 until 1832 when the June Uprising took place. The novel focuses on the struggles of former convict Jean Valjean and his release. The writer examines the nature of law and fame, writes about the history of France, the architecture of Paris, politics, moral philosophy, antimonarchism, justice, religion, and the types and nature of romantic and family love. The story is historical fiction because it contains real and historical events. The novel "Doomsday", apart from being a literary work, is known to many through its numerous stage and film adaptations.
    ден 1.000,00
    Picture of Doomsday 2 Victor Hugo

    Doomsday 2 Victor Hugo

    Written in 1862, Doomsday is considered one of the most significant novels of the nineteenth century. It follows the lives and events of several French characters for a period of 17 years in the early nineteenth century, from 1815 until 1832 when the June Uprising took place. The novel focuses on the struggles of former convict Jean Valjean and his release. The writer examines the nature of law and fame, writes about the history of France, the architecture of Paris, politics, moral philosophy, antimonarchism, justice, religion, and the types and nature of romantic and family love. The story is historical fiction because it contains real and historical events. The novel "Doomsday", apart from being a literary work, is known to many through its numerous stage and film adaptations.
    ден 1.000,00
    Picture of The highest honor Condoleezza Rice

    The highest honor Condoleezza Rice

    For eight years, Condoleezza Rice served on the top political councils and played a key role in shaping policies that influenced not only America but the world. In this book, she writes candidly about the many fascinating people she has worked with and the significant events that have tested her resolve. It gives the reader the highest honor in the secret negotiating room, where the fates of Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and Lebanon have often hung in the balance, and gives a glimpse of how close the war was to the conflicts between Pakistan and India, Russia and Georgia, and East Africa. Surprisingly honest in her assessment of various colleagues in the administration and the hundreds of foreign leaders she has worked with, Rice also offers a strong insight into how history actually works. In the highest honor, she delivers a master class in statehood - but always in a way that reveals her essential warmth and humility, and her deep respect for the ideals on which America is based.
    ден 600,00
    Picture of Roots from heaven Romain Gary

    Roots from heaven Romain Gary

    Great literature has one peculiarity - by creating it, the author sometimes loses control over it. So Romain Gary, when he wrote the book "Roots of Heaven", may have considered it a novel with great ambiguity, but readers have no problem coping with this story about the French dentist Morel and his crazy quest to save the elephants of Africa, rather a direct metaphor for the struggle for the preservation of freedom. Morel comes to French Equatorial Africa, which, after the outbreak of World War II, faces unrest as Indigenous peoples begin to revolt for independence. Meanwhile, European settlers who have brought development to the territory want to keep what they have created. The story also involves various mysterious missionaries, anthropologists, prostitutes, traffickers, hunters, army deserters, etc., who appear in the colony. Morel tries to get people to sign a petition in favor of the elephants, but when he is met with contempt and indifference, he takes matters into his own hands and launches a low-level campaign of terrorism against those who hunt animals. He soon became the most wanted man in the colony, and then a legendary figure for the whole world. He is a hero to many, a traitor and a dangerous figure to the authorities, and a favorable opportunity for the rebels. People, with a variety of motives, including inciting revolutions, begin to join his crusade.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of The end of Eddie Edouard Louis

    The end of Eddie Edouard Louis

    The end of Eddie ends with the end of who once was Eddie. Eddie has to choose. For him, the struggle to love oneself is always contradictory and never over. With great difficulty he tries to be with girls, to convince his parents of his heterosexuality. The battle with acute homophobia is, in fact, inevitable and is slowly pushing him away from his parents and the whole village. Eddie chooses. "This autobiographical novel about growing up between poverty and homophobia in rural France simply have to read." - The Guardian "End Eddie reflects the relentlessly childhood and global movement." - The New York Times "As an adult, quoting Michel Foucault "Louis realizes that 'the crime was not that he did something, but that he was something.'" - The New Yorker
    ден 400,00
    Picture of The Chicken Doll Afonso Cruz

    The Chicken Doll Afonso Cruz

    Painter Oscar Kokoshka was so in love with Alma Mahler that after their relationship ended, they made a life-size doll with all the details of his beloved Alma's body. A hen, not ashamed of her passion, walked around the city in public with the doll, and even carried it to the opera and ballet. But one day she got bored and broke a bottle of red wine from her head and threw it in the trash. The novel The Chicken Doll is a symbol and a metaphor for a friendship, a story about how our relationship with others is essential to our identity. The main protagonist of the novel is Isaac Dresser, a Jew who started limping on his left leg because of his obsession with remembering the execution of his best friend in World War II. The novel also features Bonifazo Vogel, owner of a bird shop, Cilia Kaceva, an orthodox Jew who is a stigma, and Sigmund Varga, a millionaire who wants to weigh the human soul with a scale. The story accompanied by music also features the defeated poet, the Chicken Doll and the guitarist who divides people into categories according to guitar chords.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Beloved Tony Morrison

    Beloved Tony Morrison

    Staring unwaveringly into the abyss of slavery, this fascinating novel turns history into a story that is both powerful and intimate. Seta was born a slave and managed to escape to Ohio, where former slaves could live freely. But eighteen years later she is still not free. It bears many memories of Sweet Home, the beautiful farm to which so many horrible things have happened. Her new home is haunted by the ghost of her baby, who died nameless and whose tombstone is engraved with only one word: Beloved.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Little Nini Sophie Scherer

    Little Nini Sophie Scherer

    An exciting, honest and very funny book (which can be read aloud) for children from 8 to 80 years old. After reading this book, adults can see the world with new eyes, and children will love the adventures of Little Nini, with her unmistakable sense of comic, of what is true and what is false. "Then what is she?" Catholic, Protestant or vegetarian? And where is God, anyway? " These are some of little Nini questions about life and the world. And she is shocked at how expensive a guinea pig can be or the fact that her mother goes out with a secret agent. Her little world is full of adventures! But Nini has a lot of ideas and a few secrets, she uses every chance, boldly handles everything that comes in front of her and finds her way through everyday life with great insight and humor. This book, written from the perspective of an eight-year-old girl in the 21st century, makes Nini a child of our time. As the only daughter of a single mother, she sometimes wants her parents' relationship to have a happy ending, and if that is not possible, then she would like a puppy.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Tangerines volumes 1 and 2 Simone de Beauvoir

    Tangerines volumes 1 and 2 Simone de Beauvoir

    Vivid, honest and realistic, Simone de Beauvoir's most famous novel, The Tangerines, gives us a nude look at Parisian intellectual society from the end of World War II. De Beauvoir's semi-autobiographical novel addresses the attempts of left-wing intellectuals to abandon their elite "Mandarin" status and engage in political activism. In the literary stories of those around her - Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Arthur Kestler, Nelson Algren - de Beauvoir dissects the emotional and philosophical currents of her time. A text that is both an engaging drama and an intriguing political story, "Tangerines" is the emotional odyssey of a woman torn between her inner desires and her public life.
    ден 600,00
    Picture of Martian Chronicles Ray Bradbury

    Martian Chronicles Ray Bradbury

    According to connoisseurs of Ray Bradbury's literary work, the novel "Fahrenheit 451" (published in 1953) is his most significant work, but still, for more than half a century, the "Martian Chronicles" have continuously aroused undiminished interest among readers worldwide. . Ever since the advent of The Martian Chronicles in 1950, Ray Bradbury has been said to write just as the Impressionist Claude Monet did. Moreover, the most striking is his contribution to the introduction of hitherto unused poetic material in building the architecture of the prose expression. Clifton Fadiman underlines that "this very talented young writer is a moralist who works most easily in the medium known as fantasy, just as Banjan or Shaw, if we can cite great examples, were moralists who worked in the medium of allegory or drama." True lovers of SF literature around the world have been enjoying the works of Ray Bradbury for decades. That our readers are not bypassed is confirmed by the fact that after the "Martian Chronicles" (1990) the selection of short stories "A Cure for Melancholy" (1994) and the novel "Fahrenheit 451" (2006) were published in Macedonian. The Bradbury "Martian Chronicles" once again allow them real enjoyment.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Medea Krista Wolf

    Medea Krista Wolf

    Medeais one of the most notorious women in the canon of Greek tragedy: a despised woman who sacrifices her children for her jealous rage. In the novel of the same name, Christa Wolf explores this myth, revealing a fiercely independent woman embroiled in a brutal political battle. Medea, driven by the conscience to leave her corrupt homeland, arrives in Corinth with her husband, the hero Jason. He is welcome, but she is labeled an outsider - and then reveals the terrible secret behind the king's right to power. Not wanting to ignore the terrible truth about the state, it becomes a threat to the king and his ruthless advisers; abandoned by Jason and turned into a scapegoat for the public, she is cursed as a witch and a murderer. As a keen political observer,
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Moby Dick or Kitot Herman Melvil

    Moby Dick or Kitot Herman Melvil

    This story is seemingly simple: Ahab, the captain of the American whaling ship Pickwood, sets out to take revenge on a great white whale named Moby Dick, who bit off his leg, but in that manic whale hunt, both the captain and his entire crew die. except one, Ishmael, the witness who tells us the events in the first person. However, Moby Dick is not a realistic novel about exotic sea adventures. It intertwines natural science facts and folk beliefs, a detailed description of natural phenomena and symbolic representations. Philosophical meditations and dramatic tension take place alternately, the tragic charge grows along with rich doses of humor, the narration is replaced by monologues, stage dialogues and didactics, and in turn, detailed descriptions of the whale's anatomy, essayistic remarks, biblical and poetic.
    ден 600,00
    Picture of Music and Gossip 1 Nenad Georgievski

    Music and Gossip 1 Nenad Georgievski

    Gone are the days of the sixties and seventies of the last century when music was the most important thing in the world, at least for the young people of that time. Collecting records, buying high-tech equipment, and caring for good sound today seem like medieval disciplines. On our mobile phones, music apps are just one of many colorful icons. MP3 files are practical, but also offensive to fans of serious sound ... But, fortunately, there are still people who are deeply committed to music and its protagonists from any side of the stage. One of those rare supporters of good taste here in our country is exactly Nenad Georgievski, who in the meantime fought for his place under the sun in the field of music criticism and essay writing. After the last few years or, already, decades, he deals with a serious and precise analysis of everything that is interesting from the world of music. His eloquent essays published on the All About Jazz portal are a real treat for those who want to know more about an author, performer or a concert or release. In this book, he carefully selected the conversations he had with many important names in modern music. Interviews can be a real torture for artists, but on the other hand, an interesting provocation if the questions make sense and if they are rarely asked. It is difficult to answer clichés and stereotypes, but it is a pleasure to receive a question that will make you think and give an original answer. Obviously, Nenad thoroughly prepares for every conversation, and his questions are a creative provocation for the interlocutors.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of The highest bottom Marija Miteva

    The highest bottom Marija Miteva

    "Conceived as a kind of literary and social experiment, the manuscript contains a total of 12 stories organized in a system that aims to function as a coherent whole. Of the 12 short stories, 10 were written according to a poetic template. Structured as a hybrid, the manuscript The highest bottom of Marija Miteva focuses on characters-prototypes of everyday people who in fake situations are given all the conditions for a comfortable life, but the question is: do they know how to cope? At the same time, the emphasis is placed on individual and social anomalies, as well as on some current dilemmas: the phenomenon of physicality, identity, the modern feeling of alienation, the relationship in love, the parent-child relationship ... "
    ден 150,00
    Picture of The best thing I have ever experienced Laura Tate and Jimmy Rice

    The best thing I have ever experienced Laura Tate and Jimmy Rice

    Laura and Jimmy became friends when they both studied journalism at the University of Sheffield, which means they have spent the last ten years sitting in English pubs and chatting about life and love. Now they write books together - they take their laptops and write whatever comes to mind, but other than that, almost nothing else has changed in the level of socializing. Jimmy still scolds Laura for being late regularly, and Laura can still continue to drink even after Jimmy fainted under the table. Their friendship survives because Laura knows how to hit Jimmy's tea (once Laura, with her phone, paints the tea the way she makes it, so that in the future, when she makes him tea, she looks to be the same color like the one on her phone) and because Jimmy noticed that Laura was fond of tea cookies, so he has always had them at home. Laura Tate writes columns for Shortlist and Stylist magazines, and Jimmy Rice is a freelance journalist. They both live in London. Follow them on Twitter at @LauraAndJimmy.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of Cheating Emilija Zlatkova Anastasova

    Cheating Emilija Zlatkova Anastasova

    Police find the priest Mikhail next to the body of his dead wife, who he claims found him that way after he left, but returned because he forgot his passport at home. But that is not the only tragedy - they reveal that Daniel, the priest's five-year-old son, is missing. Was he kidnapped, did he run away or is it something more terrible? Is the priest the murderer of his wife or is the perpetrator someone else? Where is little Daniel? Inspectors Despotovski and Siljanovska will try to find an answer to these questions, realizing that the case is more complicated than it seems at first glance.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of Non-dramatic works William Shakespeare

    Non-dramatic works William Shakespeare

    "But the one who never understood such eyes, and did not understand the messages from the lewd looks, and never read the words juicy written on the margins of such scarce books did not enter into the unknown and into traps, hooks court, she could not understand his gaze, but shone in the eye that was dimmed by the light. " "The Rape of Lucrezia" by William Shakespeare This edition, translated by Professor Dragi Mihajlovski, includes all non-dramatic works by William Shakespeare. THE RAPE OF LUCRECIA VENERA AND ADON THE LOVED GUARDIAN THE PHOENIX AND THE GREEK EPITAF
    ден 300,00
    Picture of Enemy force Jean-Antoine Nau

    Enemy force Jean-Antoine Nau

    Enemy Force is a pioneering, surrealist novel about a poet who mysteriously wakes up in a rubber room, locked in a madhouse, at the request of a relative due to alcoholism or, perhaps, jealousy. He becomes inexplicably obsessed with an "enemy force", probably an alien from a hellish planet orbiting the star Aldebaran, whose crazy voice keeps screaming in his head and he must learn to live by sharing his body with him. Tragic and satirical, emotional and visionary, many consider this novel to be a forgotten masterpiece of early science fiction. The prestigious Goncourt Prize was first awarded for this novel.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of We the children from the train station ZOO Hermann Horst Rick

    We the children from the train station ZOO Hermann Horst Rick

    This is the obsessive, true story of Christiane Vera F. - daughter, sister, student and ordinary rebellious teenager from the seventies in Berlin. Like many young people at different times and at different ages, Christiane wants to fit in and prove herself after her family first moved to the city. She desperately wants to wear the right clothes, listen to the right music and hang out with cool kids. Although, most of all, she wants to find a way to deal with her violent father who is an alcoholic and find a way to fit into the new school. Christiane's story has had a profound effect on German culture to this day. Locations such as the subway station at the zoo, the Gropiusstadt buildings, and even certain public restrooms have all gained some of their notoriety and popularity. Christiane's book is a must-read in most of Germany, and has been translated into many other languages. When it was first released in the United States in 1980 (under the title: Christiane F: An Autobiography of a Street Girl, Heroin Addict ), it immediately became a hit among teenagers, parents, and even David Bowie himself - who wrote the music for the film adaptation of the novel.
    ден 450,00
    Picture of Nuclear weapons and foreign policy Henry Kissinger

    Nuclear weapons and foreign policy Henry Kissinger

    The main premise of this 1969 book is that the United States must plan a limited war and not assume that all wars will be cataclysmic, like World War II. Nuclear weapons and foreign policy are best read as insights into the Cold War mentality. Kissinger focused on the ways in which US foreign policy must change to adapt to the realities of the nuclear age. The author's main argument is that limited war is the only way out of a nuclear standoff. He believed that the American tradition of absolute victory had brought the United States to a dead end of "massive retaliation" when the threat of full nuclear war was used to block any Soviet move. The problem is that this doctrine is convincing only if it is a sufficiently valuable issue. Kissinger argues that the only way out of mutual suicide is to abandon the "secret dream of American military thought: that there is a definitive answer to our military problem, that it is possible to defeat the enemy completely, and that war has its own meaning independent of that of politics. "
    ден 500,00
    Picture of Renewed world Henry Kissinger

    Renewed world Henry Kissinger

    Henry Kissinger wrote Reconstruction World to explain and understand one of the most dramatic periods in history, a period of political chaos in which Europe gained a balanced peace that lasted almost a hundred years. After the fall of Napoleon, European diplomats gathered in Vienna to restore stability after the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars and the disintegration of the Holy Roman Empire. The central figures in the Vienna Congress were the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, Kaslrei, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria, Metternich. Cassrell was primarily concerned with maintaining a balance of power, while Metternich based his diplomacy on the idea of ​​legitimacy, that is, establishing and working with citizen-accepted governments without the use of force. After this congress the ensuing peace lasted until the outbreak of World War I.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of From boy to man Dr. Arne Rubinstein

    From boy to man Dr. Arne Rubinstein

    Using real-life examples, Dr. Arne Rubinstein explains the dangers facing today's teens, including drugs, alcohol, technology, and peer pressure. He then shows us how to prepare our sons for safe and sound decisions. To succeed in this, it is necessary to understand their world, the challenges they face and how our attitude towards them must change as they become young men. Every parent wants to do it right, but the proper ways are not always at hand. From boy to manIt is written in clear language, it is full of wonderful stories and it is well organized to take you on a journey through the wonderful possibilities and through the terrible dangers that every boy experiences. As you read this book, many things will be familiar, funny, encouraging, unpleasant, and real. Whether you are a single mother of a happy eight-year-old or a parent of a troubled teenager, this handbook will serve as a practical and sensible guide to helping your son move from boy to man and how to do it safely and in a way that will affect him. on him throughout his life.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Staying Paul Scott

    Staying Paul Scott

    The novel Stay describes the events that led to the partition of India and the gaining of independence in 1947. The main characters in the novel are Colonel Tasker and Lucy Smally, a British couple who remain living on the hills of Punk in India after the war. When Lucy finally gets tired of pleasing her husband, Lucy asserts her independence. Eloquent and funny, she and Tasker portray class tensions in British India and voice their loneliness, anger and stubbornness in their marriage. Funny and touching at the same time, the novel Staying is a unique and attractive portrait of the end of an empire and a 40-year love affair.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Arthur's island Elsa Morente

    Arthur's island Elsa Morente

    On a small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea lives a boy who is innocent and unaware of sin and is freed from the big world like a seabird. Arturo's mother is dead; his father is far away - we are never quite sure where. Women dressed in black take care of him, run the house, give him the freedom to come and go as he pleases. The father then returns from the mainland with his new wife Nuncio, who is actually a girl barely older than Arturo himself. At first the boy feels only hatred and contempt for his stepmother, but she reacts differently and soon his hatred is replaced by feelings that are unknown to him. On this island, as far removed from the real world as the fantastic Bermuda in Shakespeare's Storm, Arturo and Nunzia create a tragedy and passion that is as old as the history of men and women.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Otranto Castle Horace Wallpol

    Otranto Castle Horace Wallpol

    Otranto Castle tells the story of Manfred, the Prince of Otranto, who wants to save his castle for his descendants before the onset of a mysterious curse. The novel begins with the death of Manfred's son, Conrad, who dies on the morning of his wedding to the beautiful Princess Isabella. Faced with the extinction of his family line, Manfred vows to divorce his wife and marry Isabella himself. Otranto Castle mixes elements of realistic prose with the supernatural and the fantastic, laying the groundwork for what becomes characteristic of the Gothic novel: secret passages, dangerous traps, hidden identities, and vulnerable heroines fleeing from people with only evil intentions.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of How to be a Parisian, wherever you are Ann Berest Audrey Divan Caroline de Megre Sophie Mass

    How to be a Parisian, wherever you are Ann Berest Audrey Divan Caroline de Megre Sophie Mass

    From four outstanding and successful French women - finally - a fresh and bold look at what it means to be a Parisian: how they dress, how they have fun, how they behave. In short, humorous parts, these Parisians present to you their original view of style, culture, behavior and men. The authors - Ann Berest, Audrey Divan, Carolyn de Megre and Sophie Mass - unmarried, who have a relationship, have children, have been friends for years. These talented bohemian iconoclasts, with careers in the worlds of music, film, fashion and publishing, are unusually honest and tongue-in-cheek to expose the myths of what it means to be French today. They allow you to delve into their secrets and flaws, and joke about their complicated, often contradictory feelings and behavior. They admit that they are snobs, a bit egocentric, unpredictable, but not fickle. They want to be bosses and are confident, but at the same time they are gentle and romantic. They will take you on a first date, to a party, you will hang out, you will go to some of the favorite "hangouts" in Paris, to the countryside, and to one of their dinners with cooking tips that will deceive the guests that it was easy. Going out with them brings troubles and surprises. They will tell you how to be mysterious and sensual, how to look natural, how to make your partner jealous, and what they think about children, marriage and fitness. And, they will share with you addresses of places in Paris you should visit: before nightfall, for a birthday, for an elegant meeting, for valuable antique things and much more. How to be a Parisian, wherever you are, she will make you smile and, reading it, you will slowly become a Parisian, braver, freer and cooler.
    ден 700,00
    Picture of The journey of Peter Kelemen Alexander Kukulev

    The journey of Peter Kelemen Alexander Kukulev

    In the book The Journey of Peter Kelemen, the Macedonian journalist Aleksandar Kukulev talks about the assassination of King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic in Marseille. Kukulev describes the preparations for the assassination, the lives of the Croatian and Macedonian conspirators in the camps in Hungary, trips to France, the reception of King Alexander in Marseilles, the psychological profiles of the assassins. The assassination itself, the actions of the police, the lynching of the assassin Peter Kelemen by angry French citizens - everything is told in detail and chronologically. This researcher does not stop even before the illogical decisions of the French police, the weak protection not only of the king but also of the French statesmen and rightly questions the existence of a conspiracy.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Pink Floyd Mark Blake

    Pink Floyd Mark Blake

    When When Pigs Will Fly is the first complete biography of the Pink Floyd group. This extended edition of the history of one of the greatest rock bands of all time is the result of conversations that author Mark Blake had with David Gilmore, Roger Waters, Richard Wright and Nick Mason and interviews with other former band members, producers, classmates, girls, stage technicians, roommates, managers, friends, enemies and many others who had insight into the lives of the band members and their work. Combining the opinions and memories of eyewitnesses, this book follows the story of a group from its Cambridge roots to its global success with "Dark Side of the Moon" and its bitter collapse in the 1980s, from their historic gathering on Live 8 until the death of founder Sid Barrett in 2006 and everything that followed. Accurate, exciting and ambitious like any of their albums, When the Pigs Take Off has been named Pink Floyd's most complete biography.
    ден 800,00
    Picture of The call of the country Adrian Bertrand

    The call of the country Adrian Bertrand

    "Call of the Earth" depicts the life of an Alpine fighter battalion at the front during the Battle of the Border, shortly after the outbreak of World War I. Based on his own military memories and the memories of his brother, the author describes with realism and patriotism the feelings of those affected by the war massacre, during which they experienced such unprecedented horrors that no one could have imagined just a few weeks before. But The Call to Earth is not a simple war novel; its author, a young pacifist and socialist journalist, does not hesitate to criticize generals and their disastrous decisions made without knowing the front. The book also discusses the courage of soldiers who were heavily criticized during the 15th Corps affair and the soldiers' motives for becoming part of the military campaign.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of The gift from Humboldt Sol Bellow

    The gift from Humboldt Sol Bellow

    The Humboldt Gift is a novel à clef about Bellow's relationship with the poet Delmore Schwartz. The story vividly explores the changing relationship between art and power in materialistic America. The theme is represented by the opposing career successes of two writers, von Humboldt Fleischer and his protégé Charlie Citrine. Fleischer aspires to elevate American society through art, but dies in failure, while Citrine earns a lot of money as a writer, especially from the Broadway play after which he made a film in which the main character is a personification of Fleischer. Rinaldo Cantabile is also a notable character in the novel, who is actually thought to be a gangster and tries to impose himself as a friend of Citrine.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of A flood of ash East J. Ulcar

    A flood of ash East J. Ulcar

    I. We are still alive after this war. To renew the ground again we must - wild mortals, to destroy every crime. A new decade of the eternal space clock begins anew, in which, for a new crucifixion, there will not be a word that burns. The city lights are flashing near the cabaret where jazz is flowing. Smoke flows pleasantly from the pipes. Prohor watches Kalina dancing with a bold Charleston dance.
    ден 150,00
    Picture of The last orders Graham Swift

    The last orders Graham Swift

    The story in this novel is about four war veterans living in the same part of London. To fulfill the legacy left to them by their faithful friend Jack Dodds, they travel to Margate to scatter his ashes there. Much of this novel consists of going back in time to telling the tangled story of mutual relations between a group of veterans. The title "Last Orders", or in the original version "Last Orders" can be interpreted not only as fulfillment of the last orders as a bequest from the deceased comrade, but also as an order for the last tour in the pub before the fire.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Older, but better, still older Caroline de Megre and Sophie Mas

    Older, but better, still older Caroline de Megre and Sophie Mas

    With playful wit, worldly advice and skillful remarks, the authors of the bestseller How to Be a Parisian, wherever they deal with the Parisian art of aging. Carolyn de Megre and Sophie Mas once again entertain you by saying what you do not expect to hear, but in a way that you want to hear. This time they discover how they change the favorite habits of bad girls and mischievous thoughts now that they are already ladies, not ladies. These bohemian Parisians give advice on love, seduction, fashion and love affairs, but also on family, work, living alone and accepting imperfections. This daring guide skillfully sheds light on what it means to be a fully mature woman.
    ден 700,00
    Picture of Praise to the stepmother Mario Vargas Llosa

    Praise to the stepmother Mario Vargas Llosa

    This playful novel about love and passion will redden the cheeks of even the most stubborn liberals and connoisseurs. "I said and I will say: butt. No butt, no ass, no ass, no butt, but a butt. Because when I call her, I am overwhelmed by just such a feeling: that I am mounted on a muscular, velvety mare, erupting and tame. It is a solid and perhaps as big butt as it is said in the legends about it that circulate around the kingdom, and that inflame the dreams of my subjects. (Everyone reaches my ears, but they do not anger me - they flatter me.) " With this book, Mario Vargas Llosa managed to present his favorite topics, love and eroticism in a new and very provocative way. By interpreting the six reproductions of the paintings, he also brings them to life and through them tells us stories in which the charming and personal Foncito upsets the stepmother Donya Lucrezia, and Don Rigoberto throws himself into nightmares, leading us to wonder if the boy, , is Eros himself who crawls into the arms of a mature woman, or it is about her husband's dreams. This novel may be small, but it abounds in themes that we would be ashamed of if the writer did not process them in such a masterful way. This work is unique in the opus of M. V. Llosa.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Allegiant Veronica Roth

    Allegiant Veronica Roth

    What if your whole world is a lie? What if a single discovery - or a single choice - changes everything? What if love and loyalty make you do things you never expected? The factional society that Tris Pryor once believed in is now destroyed - torn apart by violence and power struggles and wounded by loss and betrayal. So when she is given a chance to explore the world beyond what she knows, Tris is ready. Maybe behind the fence, she and Tobias will find a simple life together, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties and painful memories. But Tris's new reality is even more worrying than the one she left behind. Old discoveries quickly become insignificant. Explosive new truths change the hearts of those she loves. And Tris must once again struggle to understand the intricacies of human nature - and herself - while facing the impossible choices of courage, devotion, sacrifice, and love.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of The Metamorphosis Franz Kafka

    The Metamorphosis Franz Kafka

    Blame on the family, especially on your father, for the unfulfilled expectations, guilt on the social environment due to the strong need for distance and self-isolation, guilt on friends and women due to insufficient readiness for unreserved acceptance, as well as the inability to achieve intimate spiritual communion, guilt towards themselves due to the self-imposed restraints in favor of the creative creation, are only part of the personal register of this feeling, which in sublimated form, in nuanced types, dominates in Kafka's literary opus.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Princess Bari Hwang Sok- Yong

    Princess Bari Hwang Sok- Yong

    Princess Barry is a contemporary story of a young North Korean fugitive forced to flee her country, following her grandmother-shaman to the south, while other relatives condemn the act. Hence, the trip turns into a nightmare that leads to the multicultural environment of the lower social strata in London. At the age of eighteen, she feels that she is overcoming existential problems, but she still has a long way to go before she finally completes her "journey", deeply understanding the parallel between her life and that of her namesake, the legendary Princess Barry of the famous a Korean shamanic legend who has been abandoned since birth and has to travel a long way to the edge of the world to bring back the "source" of life.
    ден 450,00
    Picture of The Feast of the Goat Mario Vargas Llosa

    The Feast of the Goat Mario Vargas Llosa

    Urania Cabral, a successful lawyer living in New York, is returning to her native Dominican Republic after many years. He reunited with his father and relatives in 1961, when the country lived under the fist of dictator Trujillo, the nation's all-powerful ruler, who regarded the country and its citizens almost as his own. But he is in the most critical period of his rule - he is being pressured from all sides to democratize the country, and behind his back conspirators are preparing a bloody coup. Urania's father is one of the first people in the regime, something she now returns to as a nightmare. The novel The Feast of the Beast is one of the best in the work of Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, and is considered an inevitable work in recent Latin American literature. In this mixture of historical facts and fictional thriller drama, presented through three narrative threads, Llosa deals with topics such as power, sexuality and memory.
    ден 500,00
    Picture of Psychology Ivana Stepanovich Ilich

    Psychology Ivana Stepanovich Ilich

    Find out: - which is a psychic world - how intelligence is measured - what is temperament - what are defense mechanisms - which is a photographic memory Try: - to recognize someone's feeling - to find the motive for a behavior - to get to know the different traits of the person - to learn the rules of good learning - to find out how the first impression is made about someone
    ден 250,00
    Picture of Fungi in Macedonia Sande Stojcevski

    Fungi in Macedonia Sande Stojcevski

    Stojcevski constantly points out the caution, the equipment, the danger. And the fear. In inseparable unity live passion and danger, beauty and death, moment and eternity, light and darkness. A reality that gets a metaphorical charge with which the author, in all the ecstasy and oblivion, thinks, thinks, pays attention and transmits it to us, says in the review of the book academician Mateja Matevski.
    ден 599,00
    Picture of Sara and the forgotten square Zoran Penevski

    Sara and the forgotten square Zoran Penevski

    A novel about childhood and oblivion The vacation has started and the twelve-year-old Sara, instead of chatting with her friends, wants to spend the weekend with her grandmother. But her grandmother is gone. In search of her, she enters the fantastic world of the forgotten square, and here she is accompanied by Bertold - her grandmother's bird who thinks she is a cat. As Sarah and Bertie walk through the square, they come across many unusual characters such as Constantine the Stroller, the Rainy Mustache Gentleman, the Childhood Repairman, and many others who present important life messages in a fantastic and humorous way. In this story, Sara at times faces reality, with parts of her childhood that she does not want to see ...
    ден 250,00
    Picture of The Sacred Night Tahar Ben Jelloun

    The Sacred Night Tahar Ben Jelloun

    Mohamed Ahmed, a Moroccan girl who grew up as a boy to circumvent Islamic inheritance laws regarding female children, is in constant conflict with herself over her identity. In the story, which for an hour seems real, an hour surreal, and moves between the mysterious present and the painful past, the events of Ahmed's life as an adult are revealed to us. Now calling herself Zehra, after the death of her father, she relinquishes her role as an only son and heir and sets out on a dreamy Moroccan landscape. A sharp allegorical portrait of North African society Holy Night uses Arabic surrealist elements to weave a shocking and disturbing vision of rebellion and protest against the constraints of the narrow-minded traditions that govern gender roles and sexuality.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of World order Henry Kissinger

    World order Henry Kissinger

    Our age is persistent, occasional, even desperate, in trying to implement the concept of world order. Chaos begins to threaten like never before with the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the disintegration of states, the destruction of the environment, the perpetration of genocidal acts, and new technologies threaten to oust it. conflict beyond human control and understanding. New methods of communication and access to information have united regions like never before and expanded the global dimension of events - but in a way that inhibits thinking, requiring leaders to respond to current events by expressing themselves in the form of slogans. Are we facing a period in which the future will be determined by forces beyond any constraints of any order?
    ден 500,00
    Picture of The Slave Isaac Bashevis Singer

    The Slave Isaac Bashevis Singer

    Jacob is a devout Jew, and Wanda is the favorite daughter of his Polish master. They fall in love, but in worse conditions than those of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in Verona. Because their love is impossible, Joseph is torn between his spiritual piety and his obsessive, physical passion for Wanda. Singer introduces us to these lovers so intimately through the portrayal of religion that it makes the reader perceive their decisions as their own. One suffers, and both fight meaninglessly with their obsessions, with the cruel forces of the family and feudalism, and it is inevitable that they lose their pious and earthly passions. Singer's story is both beautiful and vulgar. Its beauty comes from the purity of the local forests, the humility of Joseph, as well as the faithfulness and deep love of the protagonists. We see vulgarity in the curious peasants and the absurd prejudices of the landowners. This story is also fantastic. Allusions to demons and ghosts are shown through vivid descriptions of sounds, behaviors, smells, and hysteria that make us think they are indeed present in the world around us.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of Death of a happy man Giorgio Fontana

    Death of a happy man Giorgio Fontana

    Summer 1981 in Milan, in the period of the so-called In Italy, the protagonist Giacomo Kolnagi is investigating a group of young terrorists responsible for the murder of a Christian Democrat politician. Simultaneously with the story of the possibilities and limitations of the legal system, of the man in search of meaning, and of the understanding of the origins of terrorism, the second focus in the novel is on Kollnagi's father, Ernesto, a working-class idealist who joined the partisans in era of fascism and was killed by the militia when Kolnagi was still a child. Through the two parallel stories about the fate of the father and the son, Kolnagi comes to the conclusion that if the cycle of violence is not stopped, it will lead to further death and suffering, which in fact is finally confirmed in the most tragic way. The novel The Death of a Happy Man by Giorgio Fontana is the winner of the 2014 Premio Campiello and Premio Loria Awards.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of Do androids dream of electric sheep? Philip K. Dick

    Do androids dream of electric sheep? Philip K. Dick

    A masterpiece before its time, a far-sighted interpretation of the dark future and inspiration for the film Blade Runner By 2021, World War II had killed millions, leading the entire species to extinction and the migration of humanity beyond the planet. Those who remain want any living thing, and for people who can not afford it, companies have created incredibly realistic simulacra: horses, birds, cats, sheep. They even made people. Immigrants to Mars get androids, which are so sophisticated that they can not be distinguished from real men or women. Frightened by the devastation these artificial humans can cause, the government expels them from the country. Forced to hide, unauthorized androids live unnoticed among humans. Rick Deckard, an official head hunter, is hired to detect android criminals and "retire" them. But androids retaliate with deadly force. Praise for Philip K. Dick "The Most Consistent Brilliant Science Fiction Writer in the World." - John Brunner "A kind of pulp-fiction Kafka, a prophet." - The New York Times Philip K. "Dick sees all the dazzling and terrifying possibilities that other authors shy away from." - Rolling Stone
    ден 350,00
    Picture of The rock of Tanios Amin Maalouf

    The rock of Tanios Amin Maalouf

    In Kfaryabdi, a fairytale place in the Lebanese mountains, there is an unusual cave followed by a curse and a ban. Wanting to reveal her secret, the narrator of this oriental story of love, revenge and political intrigue digs into the ancient past of her birthplace. He tries to connect the parts of a chronicle from the beginning of the nineteenth century with the memories of the village elders of that turbulent time, when the local feudal lords, the Turkish sultan and the Egyptian pasha fought on this land, and through them the western powers and colonial rivals. , bringing to the fore all the complexities of Lebanon in the time of the Ottoman Empire. The narrator sees the face of Sheikh Francis Donjuan, the learned masquerade Nader who reads while riding, a Georgian prostitute, the English patriarch who opens a school in a Muslim village and who is waiting for the death of the target of the English consul's rifle and the beautiful Lamia whose beauty carries it like a cross; and above all, Tanios, the mysterious boy with gray hair who becomes the hero of a favorite legend. Fanaticism, blood and death will seal the fate of the heroes of Malouf's novel and force young Tanios to embark on a journey of persecution in search of his own identity.
    ден 300,00
    Picture of The Encounter Hermann Lenz

    The Encounter Hermann Lenz

    The meeting takes place in Württemberg in the Royal Monarchy, in the time of the "Metternich system", in the time of revolution, neo-absolutism and attempts at a constitution. The narrator is a home teacher in a Württemberg castle, an internally torn man of unknown origin, who in turn presupposes that the dangerous master of the castle is his father, and that his student Constantine, the count's legitimate son, is his half-brother. The count, referring to the dead mother of the narrator, the daughter of the stonemason, for whom he once "wanted to leave everything behind", wants the young man to find himself by finding and accepting his own way of life. She asks him to take care of the young wife of the priest in Allen, Louise, a simple, untamed creature who writes treatises, practices free love, and endangers her husband's position. When the teacher comes, she is overwhelmed by such a passion for him, which determines her whole further life. The "mentor" indulges in her love. He is not capable nor does he want to surrender to another man and that is why he is saved in the marriage with a young daughter of a bochar. From time to time he meets Louise: she is a dependent woman, later a waitress, eventually a prostitute. She manages to persuade him to go on an alleged business trip with her. On the way through Bohemia and Württemberg, they both try to turn the past into the present. An encounter or an escape from meeting yourself?
    ден 250,00
    Picture of S.E.C.R.E.T. Revealed L. Marie Adeline

    S.E.C.R.E.T. Revealed L. Marie Adeline

    S.E.C.R.E.T. Explosive, sensual and erotically saturated finale of the bestselling trilogy has been revealed. Will Foret is the only thing Casey ever wanted - the love of her life. But when he found out that she was part of the closed group S.E.C.R.E.T. - dedicated to helping women realize their deepest sexual fantasies - breaks up their relationship. With a broken heart, she dedicates herself to helping Solange Faraday, her new girlfriend. Casey renews her relationship with hot guy Jesse, even though he may not love her as deeply as Will can. Meanwhile, the brilliant Solange, a single mother with a great career but no love, delves very deeply into her passions, like no other in the S.E.C.R.E.T. Will Solange find what he longs for?
    ден 400,00
    Picture of S.E.C.R.E.T. L. Marie Adeline

    S.E.C.R.E.T. L. Marie Adeline

    No prejudices, no boundaries, no shame ... in "hot" New Orleans. Waitress Casey Robisho lives her daily life until a mysterious beauty forgets her diary in the cafe where she works. Will she dare to peek into it? Suddenly, a new world opens before her, a world in which women come to "happiness" just by completing the ten steps. For the first time in his life he is released and makes the decision to join the secret society. Casey begins to realize his fantasies that with each step become more intense and more passionate ... The withdrawn and shy Casey becomes erotically tempered, and her sensitive sex appeal gives her self-confidence that does not leave indifferent any man she will pass by.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of S.E.C.R.E.T. Shared L. Marie Adeline

    S.E.C.R.E.T. Shared L. Marie Adeline

    The eagerly awaited continuation of the erotic sensation S.E.C.R.E.T., in which female sexual fantasies become reality. Still wounded by a recent breakup with her boss and lover Will, Casey Robisho devotes herself to working at T.A.J.N.A. - the mysterious organization that changed her forever by reviving her deepest sexual fantasies, one by one. Now it is Casey's turn to lead the group's new nominee, Dauphin Mason, and recruit men to fulfill new fantasies.
    ден 400,00
    Picture of Theater Jasen Boko

    Theater Jasen Boko

    Find out: - how theatrical art came into being - who participates in the work of the play - what is a good acting game - what rehearsals are there - what is mise-en-scène Try: - to write a drama scene - to learn to act - to organize an audition - to schedule rehearsals - choose the decor and costumes
    ден 250,00
    Picture of The Thirtieth Year Ingeborg Bachmann

    The Thirtieth Year Ingeborg Bachmann

    First published in 1961, The Thirty Years is a series of seven short stories on post-war times in Germany and Austria. Although the public initially reacted withdrawn to this first prose work, it is still considered one of the most important German-language texts since 1945. The seven stories deal with violence, destruction and habituation to social expectations, but almost all stories are about love between a man and a woman, in which the sexes take their place far from each other and miss the moment to start new forms of relationship.
    ден 350,00
    Picture of Tristan and Isolde Joseph Bedie

    Tristan and Isolde Joseph Bedie

    The reader finds himself in an unusual world where everyday life is filled with magic, fairy tales, mysteries and a feast of the opacity of nature, but also of the illegible human nature. However, this enigmatic medieval ambience is emphatically softened, because in the castles, in the villages and in the huts, in the royal chambers and in the deep impassable forests, human encounters, conflicts and great tragic loves take place uninterruptedly. The novel really manages to create an image of a medieval feudal society.
    ден 250,00
    Picture of A Cook's tour: In search of the perfect meal Anthony Bourdain

    A Cook's tour: In search of the perfect meal Anthony Bourdain

    Cooking and traveling are the greatest passions in the life of internationally acclaimed bestselling author Anthony Bordain - the "hairless gastronomy of the tongue". Inspired by the question "What would be the perfect meal?" Anthony goes in search of the culinary "holy grail", and in the process completely overturns the meaning of the term "perfection". In fact, the Chef's Tour is a chronicle of a number of unpredictable adventures, in which the idea of ​​the "perfect meal" does not always mean having lunch in the most expensive, snobby restaurants, but represents the ideal combination of food, atmosphere and company.
    ден 450,00
    Picture of Art in Theory Charles Harrison and Paul Wood

    Art in Theory Charles Harrison and Paul Wood

    Since its publication in 1992, this book has become one of the leading anthologies of theoretical texts on art in the world. This edition includes the fruits of recent research, which includes a considerable amount of newly translated material from the entire period, along with additional texts from the last decades of the twentieth century. The publication provides a comprehensive representation of the theories that underpin the developments in the visual arts during the twentieth century. In addition to articles by artists, the anthology includes texts by critics, philosophers, politicians, and literary figures. The content is clearly structured in eight chronological sections, starting with the legacy of symbolism and ending with contemporary debates about the postmodern. The editors give individual introductions to each of the 340 anthological texts. The material also includes texts on African art, the Bauhaus and the avant-garde that reappeared in the aftermath of World War II. Postmodernist debates are intensified by texts on gender, installations and the performing arts, but also on the growing globalization of culture.
    ден 999,00
    Picture of Hilarious Physics Svetislav Paunovikj

    Hilarious Physics Svetislav Paunovikj

    If you are one of those who opened this book by mistake (you received it as a gift; you were bored; you do not have any other books; you thought it was about the love life of German frogs; you grabbed her while running to the toilet), strictly follow this warning: ESCAPE !!! HISTORICAL PHYSICS CAN MAKE YOUR MIND MADE AND MAKE YOU COMPLETELY FALL IN LOVE WITH IT! FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE CRAZY IN PHYSICS! AND FOR THOSE WHO WOULD HAVE PULLED THE CROCODILE FOR TOWER THAN TO LEARN PHYSICS!
    ден 300,00
    Picture of Hilarious Chemistry Dragana Petrovikj-Kosanovikj and Andreja Leskovac

    Hilarious Chemistry Dragana Petrovikj-Kosanovikj and Andreja Leskovac

    If you have decided to read this book thinking that you will learn more about it from the production of chemical pencils, about dry cleaning of clothes or about the types of detergents for surface disinfection in kitchens and bathrooms, about the means whose use is strictly forbidden for athletes, for mosquito and other insect repellents, for chemicals for the care of ornamental or industrial plants ... hmmm ... YOU ARE WRONG, but ...
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